Existence of under-sea temple claimed

From: http://www.zeenews.com/znnew/articles.asp?rep=2&aid=306560&sid=FTP

By: Prasaad Bhosekar

Visakhapatnam, July 03: Archaeologists in Visakhapatnam claim that a centuries-old temple exists two kilometers from Visakhapatnam coast, on the sea bed.

While the coastal city of Visakhapatnam is steeped in history, few know that there was a temple called “Visakeswara Temple” on the coast of the city. Many centuries ago this temple went under the sea due to geological adjustments.

According to Professor Gangadharam, who is working on facts regarding this temple, the temple existed centuries ago, but got submerged in the sea.

``From the research I did, I found out that the Buchca Rama Lingeshwara temple which right now exists on the coastline is in the same alignment with that of Visakeswara temple under the sea. I have spoken to many old people and fishermen who told me that their forefathers used to confirm that there is this temple under the sea.``

According to the priest of Buchcha Rama Lingeshwara temple, the Visakeswara temple existed before Kalyug.

``Yes, in Shastras and Puranas there`s a mention of this temple. It is believed that before the Kalyug began this temple was submerged into the sea.``

Professor Gangadharam`s further research, which involves under sea exploration, is on hold as he is looking for financial support in his quest to find the temple.