The faith of Mo´wa´He´Doon Unitarians druze

Posted by Moustafa F. Moukarim

Copyright © 1988 Moustafa F. Moukarim

Humans are the only creatures that are capable of understanding and reasoning. The Mind leads them to exploration, explorations lead them to knowledge, and knowledge leads them to the quest for more knowledge. The more a person progresses the more he or she needs exploration and knowledge.
When man wanted to inquire about himself, his surroundings, origin and nature, that led him to ask about his creator. Man’s opinion of God varied from appearances in nature to the winds, the sun, the moon and many others.

The Taw’heed faith came to confirm the Absolute Oneness of God.
• God is the only Creator
• He is Omnipresent, not limited to the bounds of time or space, eternal without a beginning, abiding without an end.
• He is the Creator who produced all things from His light, to whom all shall return.
• He is the existence and there is no existences accept in Him.
• He is beyond description, definition, and multiplicity. He rises above disobedience and opposition.
• He created all things and to His might and Sovereign all shall return.
• His presence is more truthful than the existence of all that exists.

The truth lies in the comprehensive existence of everything. That is why admission of Taw’heed, Unitarianism is purity and existence.

The Holy Koran defines Taw’heed: “God is one. God is eternal. God begot none, nor was He begotten. Non is equal to God.”

Unitarianism “Taw’heed”, the belief in one God, in the Druze faith is a continuation of the old philosophy that started with creation and progressed during past eras, in Athens, Egypt, Syria, Persia, India and China.
The Greek philosophers Phythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle who lived during (322-500 B.C), believed in the One Creator. A creator who is beyond our comprehension, and who can only be understood through meditation, that is, when the Mind that controls Creation has prepared us and showed us the way.
Taw’heed excelled in Islam, matured in Ismaili sect of Shiite Moslems, and became the basis of the Taw’heed Faith during the Call in 1017 A.D (408 Hijra).
Brief Explanation

God created the universe from nonexistence, he said, “Let it be and it was”, exactly like the scientific “Big Bang Theory”.

By His order and from His light, God created the Universal Mind (Al-Aql). It comprehended all things and was the origin of all creation. The Universal Mind emerged from the Only One as a perfect and complete image. That is why the Universal Mind became the Center and compass point for all creation, which started with him and ended with him.

God said to the Mind: “Through You I take and through you I give, through you I repent and through you I punish.” The Mind realized that God did not create anything better than him. He became obsessed by himself and thought that he needed no one, and had no adversary. That was a deviation from the absolute existence, an absence from His being and from His light.
Absenteeism from existence is non-being, and absenteeism from the light is darkness. So from the obedience of the Mind, sin was born, and from its light, darkness emerged, and from its humbleness, arrogance came out and from its knowledge, ignorance loomed. Four bad characters against four good characters. The Mind realized that he brought misfortune upon himself, he admitted his failure and weakness, and asked forgiveness for his guilt. From his sin the Adversary (Al-Dodd) was born.

The Mind beseeched God to help him against the Adversary that was created from his light and without his will, and was defying him and rejecting his orders. From this deep desire and implication, God created the Universal Soul (Al-Nafs) to aid the Mind in controlling the Adversary. The Universal Soul merged from between the light of the Mind and the darkness of the Adversary.

The Universal Soul became the nature of life and the source of action. It was blessed largely from the light of the Mind, but had a little darkness from the Adversary. The Adversary influenced the Soul, which delivered from its core and without its desire an opposing element, the Opponent (Al-Nadd). The Opponent allied with the Adversary to help him to establish his opposing inclination and negative self, which adopted resistance, ignorance, darkness and arrogance.

Because the Opponent was created to aid the Adversary, the Universal Mind and the Universal Soul needed some help against this negativity and selfishness. From this need, desire and implication, a third Luminaries was produced, the Word (Al-Kalima). From the Word the Predecessor (Al-Sabiq) was issued, and from the Predecessor the Successor (Al-Tali) was produced.
The Luminaries (Hudood) had equal tendency for good and bad. Thus, by giving them the freedom and choice of deed, God established His Divine Justice among His Creation. The Five Luminaries (Hudood) had more of His divine light, and very little darkness.


Knowing the Luminaries is very essential in the faith of the Mo’wa’he’doon Druze. They are the Spiritual gems of Unitarianism Taw’heed. They have physical compatibility in the material world. During the time of Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah, people who delivered the Call represented the five Luminaries, they were:

1. Hamza Bin Ali Bin Ahmad = (Al-Aql) The Universal Mind.
2. Ismail Bin Mohammed al-Tamimi = (Al-Nafs) The Universal Soul.
3. Mohammed Bin Wahab al-Qurashi = (Al-Kalima) The Word.
4. Salama Bin Abdel-Wahab al-Samurri = (Al-Sabiq) The Predecessor.
5. Baha al-Deen Ali Bin Mohammed al-Taii = (Al-Tali) The Successor.
All Souls reside within the Universal Soul. From it they move to the Successor. From the Successor emerge the cosmos, metal, plant and animal. The Soul was a spirit without a body; the Creator sympathized with it and established the human image. The Soul realized its divine origin and capability to choose between good and bad.


All human Souls were created at once. Their number is fixed for all time, and is not subject to decrease or increase. Upon death the Soul is immediately reborn into another human body.
As for the claim that says that; “the Souls of the wicked are reborn in animals”. It contradicts with God’s Divine Justice. Punishing a person by transforming him or her into an animal is not possible. Animals do not know the difference between good and evil, thus punishing them does not lead to repentance.
Reincarnation, or the process of transmigration of the Souls, goes on until the end of time. In this process Souls rise through their attachment to a higher degree of excellence, or deteriorate by neglecting the teachings of religion.

All Souls are created with an equal tendency to good and evil and are free to choose between right and wrong. Their deeds are the result of their choice. When there is choice, punishment and reward are acceptable.
The path that a person follows is by his or her own choice. The Soul in its repeated transmigration experiences all conditions of life: health and illness, fortunes and misfortunes, riches and poverty. Souls are thereby given repeated opportunity to redeem themselves. Thus Divine Justice is established.
The Soul must take nourishment from spiritual teachings. The Soul is capable of knowledge and ignorance, and is controlled by which ever of these two characteristics she possesses more. If the Soul is deprived from the spiritual teachings, which are its nourishment and the cause of its existence and growth, It will tilt towards ignorance. When the Soul is content with the devotion of wisdom, and is nurtured by spiritual teachings, and is willing to associate with the principles of the Mind, It will progress upward until it reaches purity.


The freedom of the individual is essential in the Unitarian Taw’heed faith. This blessing confirms God’s Divine Justice. When people do not have the freedom and choice of their deeds and actions, they are deprived of their humanity. Thus, they are not able to seek and achieve knowledge. Reward and punishment are the results of people’s deeds. People deeds and actions turn back on them, “what goes around comes around”.


Next to admitting Unitarianism and the Oneness of God, a Unitarian Mowa’hed has to abide with the Seven Commandments, which are:
1. A truthful tongue
2. Cultivation and protection of the brethren.
3. Excision of fallacies and falsehoods.
4. Rejection of the villain and aggressor.
5. Adoration of the Lord in every era and at all times.
6. Cheerful acceptance of whatever comes from Him.
7. Spontaneous submission to His will.

Hamza said: “To be truthful is to be faithful and a Unitarian Mowa’hed. To lie is Polytheism “the believe in many gods”, Atheism “the believe that there is no God”, and a deviation from the Truth.”
The Unitarians Mo’wa’he’doon Druze are famous for upholding the Truth, and for their good behavior and deeds. Which is reflected in their relation with all the people, without any preference to their creed and religion.
Cultivation of the brethren is a religious duty that the Unitarians Mo’wa’he’doon Druze must abide with. Mo’wa’he’doon must support each other not only with material help, but should also extend their help to offer others spiritual directives and religious teaching.
Excision of fallacies is the deflection from the path that deviates from the unity with God and the path that leads to darkness and the absence of reality. This path damages the faith, and corrupts the intention and deed.
Unitarians Mo’wa’he’doon Druze must not abide by the instructions or accept the rule of a tyrant. Mo’wa’he’doon are the guardians of themselves, they have the freedom of choice and course, and are responsible for their own actions.

Baha al-Deen said: “The Covenant that committed the followers to the Taw’heed faith specifies that an adherent to the faith must be of full mental and physical awareness. Free of slavery and have the ability to choose for him or her self. That is why it was decreed that Mo’wa’he’doon should abolish slavery and polygamy ‘one man has more than one wife’”.
Adoration of the Lord and admission of His absolute oneness is the duty of Mo’wa’he’doon. True Unitarianism, Taw’heed, is admission in the absolute oneness of God. He is not limited by any bounds. He is the true existence, the omnipresent, and the creator of all that is. His unity is the absolute benevolent, and anything that emanates from Him is by His will.

Cheerful acceptance is the result of spontaneous submission to His will. By submission to Gods will a person would realize that he or she is in the kingdom of God. Thus, achieving true happiness.




When God created the universe and all the creatures - He blessed humans with a sparkle of His intelligence, that is, the MIND.

God said to the Mind: “Through You I take and through you I give, through you I repent and through you I punish.”

The Mind carried on Its responsibility and continued with creation. It enlightened the path of humans and helped them to progress through the generations.
The freedom of the Soul is essential, and it confirms God’s Divine Justice. When people do not have the freedom and choice of their deeds and actions they are not able to seek and achieve knowledge. Reward and punishment are the results of people’s deeds. People deeds and actions turn back on them, “what goes around comes around”.

In His wisdom, God gave the Soul the freedom of choice, and made instruction through the Mind available for the It’s directions. The Soul is not obligated in Its directions. It has the accessibility to the wisdom of the Mind, and has the option to abide by it or not.

Obedience is worship. The Mind being a sparkle of His intelligence is God’s prophet within us. When we accept the instruction of the Mind we are recognizing God as our Creator.
Look around you and see the miracles that are created for you by the Mind. Since we are the only ones of God creation that are blessed with the Mind, we are the only creation that has progressed in life. We have moved from the caves to cities. We have reduced distance from days to minutes. We have mastered all the animals and restrained them. We have controlled many fatal diseases and are still working at it.
We looked at the moon and promised it that some day we will visit it, we did. From being not able to see or hear from a distance, we are now able to see and hear from thousands of miles away.
God chose humans to be the bearers of His wisdom. He appointed them the custodians of His creation. Humans learned that the Lord blessed them with the power of the Mind, which is mightier than anything else. They excelled in life and achieved progress beyond any other of God’s creation. The message here is that the Mind was behind all the promotion in humanity.

It was the Mind that pointed to us God our Creator. It was the Mind that pointed to us good from evil. It was the Mind that saved us in our time of need. It was the Mind that directed us out of the maze of life. Therefore, the Mind is God’s prophet in us. A prophet that is worthy of our attention. We should submit to Its instructions and abide by Its directives.

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