The word Umbanda is a sacred term from Abanheenga language, spoken by members belonging to the Tupy Lineage. Contrary to what many may think this word has not been brought by the African slaves. In fact, its usage has been found in Afro-Amerindian cults only after 1934. Before then only a few roots were recognised in Asia and Africa, although without the mearmin g of a Knowledge System based on the synthetic understanding of Philosophy, Science, Art and Religion. .

The term Umbanda considered ‘s "Lost Word" was disclosed by Spirits, members of the Brotherhood of Ancestral Spirits. These spirits are Beings that have not incarnated for a long time as they reached a high level of development, however they honour Umbanda temples by coming down to bring the Light of Knowledge on behalf of Oxalá - Jesus Christ. They use medium power of incarnate beings formely committed as means for their manifestation. The parts that make up the word Umbanda are respectively: AUM -BAN - DAN. Their translation can be verified using the Adamic or Vattanic alphabets revealed to the Ocident by Marquis Alexandre Sant-Yves d’Alveydre, in his work "THE ARQUEOMETER".

AUM means "THE SUPREME DIVINITY" its symbol is broadly known.