Church Fathers



The Nicene Creed
Definition of Chalcedon
The Athanasian Creed


Four discourses against the arians
Chapters I-V
Introduction. Extracts from the Thalia of Arius. The importance of the subject. That the Son is eternal and increate.
Chapters VI-X
Objections to the foregoing proof
Chapters XI-XIII
Phil II 9-10, Psalm XLV 7-8, Hebrews I 4
Chapters XIV-XVI
Hebrews III 2, Acts II 36, Proverb VIII 22. That the son is not a creature.
Chapters XVII-XX
Proverbs VIII 22
Chapters XXI-XXII
Proverbs VIII 22

Chapters XXIII-XXV
John XIV 10, John XVII 3, John X 30, XVII, II

Introductory to texts from the gospels. Matthew XI 27, John III 35, Mark XIII 32, Luke II 52.

Chapetrs XXIX-XXX
Matthew XXVI 39, John XII 27. Arian inferences are against the Regula Fidei.

Defence against the arians
Chapter I
Encyclical Letter of the Council of Egypt.
Chapter II
Letter of Julius to the Eusebians at Antioch. The Letter of Julius.
Chapter III
Letters of the Council of Sardica to the Churches of Egypt and of Alexandria, and to all Churches. Letter of the Council of Sardica to the Church of Alexandria. Letter of the Council of Sardica to the Bishops of Egypt and Libya. Encyclical Letter of the Council of Sardica.

Chapter IV-V
Imperial and Ecclesiastical Acts in consequence of the Decision of the Council
of Sardica. The Second Letter. The Third Letter. Documents connected with the charges of the Meletians against S. Athanasius. Part of a Letter from the Emperor Constantine. Letter of Alexander.

Chapter VI
Documents connected with the Council of Tyre. A schedule presented by Meletius to the
Bishop Alexander. The Bishop Alexander to my master Dionysius. The Letter of the Receiver-General. List of Bishops present at Sardica.

History of the arians
Chapters I-III
Arian Persecution under Constantine. First Arian Persecution under Constantius. Restoration of the catholics on the council of Sardica
Chapters IV-VI
Second arian persecution under constantius. Persecution and lapse of Lieberius. Persecution and lapse of Hosius
Chapters VII-VIII
Persecution at Alexandria. Persecution in Egypt
Chapters VIII

St. Irenaeus of Lyons

Adversus Haereses
Chapters I-V
Ideas of the disciples of Valentinus, the production of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, Texts of Holy Scripture used by these heretics, the formation of Achamoth, Formation of the Demiurge.
Chapters VI-X
The threefold kind of man, their blasphemous opinions against the true Incarnation of Christ by the Virgin Mary, How the Valentinians pervert the Scriptures, Refutation, Unity of the faith of the Church.
Chapters XI-XV
The opinions of Valentinus, Ptolemy and Colorbasus, nefarious practices of Marcus, various hypotheses of Marcus, the generation of the twenty-four elements and of Jesus.

Chapters XVI-XX
Absurd interpretations of the Marcosians, created things were made after the image of things invisible, Passages from Moses, which the heretics pervert to the support of their hypothesis, attempt to prove that the supreme Father was unknown before the coming of Christ, The apocryphal and spurious scriptures of the Marcosians.

Chapters XXI-XXV
The views of redemption, Deviations of heretics from the truth, Simon Magus and Menander, Saturninus and Basilides, Carpocrates.

Chapters XXVI-XXX
Cerinthus, the Ebionites, and Nicolaitanes, Cerdo and Marcion, Tatian, the Encratites, and others, Barbeliotes or Borborians, Ophites and Sethians, Cainites.


Ignatius to the Ephesians
Ignatius to the Romans
The Epistle of Ignatius to the Magnesians
The Epistle of Ignatius to the Trallians


The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians



Introductory note to the works of Origen
Part I
Part II
Part III


Origen de Principiis
Book I, Chapters I-III
Book I, Chapter IV-VIII
Book II, Chapters I-VIII
Book II, Chapters IX-XI
Book III In construction
Book IV In construction