Healing Feminine Spirituality in Modern Times

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Courtesy of The Rising Serpent (http://www.risingserpent.co.uk) website and Alison Reeves

The male dominated church in both Christianity and Catholicism has rewritten history to meet their own ends. It is time now for this to be reversed, for the truth to be declared. For too many years people have lived in fear of hell, believing that they are evil - and all for what? So that the church could have power, could control the very fabric of human direction for their own ends.

Many of the 'secrets' of who Jesus really was and what he believed in were carried by the Cathars, who had his bones and kept them safe for many years. The Church did not like this though, and it was one of the reasons why the Cathars were wiped out. Because if Jesus' bones were here on earth, then he was an ordinary man of human flesh. His body had not ascended into heaven as was claimed by the church.

The reality is that Jesus was like you or I, an ordinary but also extraordinary human being. We know nothing of Jesus' life until he was about 27 and it is probably not until this time that the nature and extent of his mystical powers became apparent to him. He then had to make a choice as do many of us: do I accept the power? Do I overcome my own fears and own will to follow my higher destiny and to show humanity their salvation? Luckily for us Jesus chose this difficult path, knowing full well it would lead to his death in the end. We are all like Jesus - we all have within us the capacity for good and evil. We also all have the capacity for spiritual connection with God beyond what we can even dream of. Using the power of our hearts and minds we can move mountains, especially if this force is used collectively.

The Universe was designed as an interactive experience. Our thoughts, words and actions shape the Universe we live in and our personal lives. Hence the sorry state of affairs today is because of the limiting beliefs of humanity, and also only using our minds but not our hearts. So we have created wonderful and amazing inventions using our minds, and we have travelled into outer space. But we have not used our hearts, and so many of our inventions have not been used for the good of humanity or to carry out God's will on earth. Rather they have been used for profit and human destruction.

Jesus had all the emotions and thus all the afflictions each one of us has. He was not born perfect, and he had to work at it to become the person he was. In fact I suspect he was probably quite a 'wild child' hanging out with the High Priestesses in the temples, rather than the fuddy duddy elders! The fact that Mary Magdalene, a very powerful High Priestess who shared her body so that men could worship the Goddess in human form, was his constant companion is revealing. She was his friend and lover and went everywhere with him.

The repression of sexual desires and sexual energy is another thing which has been propagated by the church. What were the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene really like? Well we know that Mary Magdalene was not a sexually repressed woman. The High Priestesses of the Temple were most revered and had very powerful gifts of healing and mysticism. We cannot imagine that somebody as special as Jesus would have just chosen just anybody to be his lover! And the Virgin Mary - well she obviously had significant spiritual knowledge before the Angel Gabriel visited her. Her acceptance of his proposal that she would give birth to 'the son of God' was accepted without fear, as was the unusual circumstances of his conception. In ancient times though it was accepted as being quite normal to be impregnated by the Gods. Also Mary came from a long ancestral line of mystical woman who were High Priestesses including Ruth and Bathsheba who would have been similarly involved in the practices of having sex with men who came to the Temple to worship the Goddess. I doubt she was a virgin in the sense the term is used today

Our small minds and repressed society have a hard time accepting this. However, the basis of a woman's spiritual power is her sexual energy. The Kundalini as it is known to the Hindus. The Red Serpent. The use of this power obviously comes with the responsibility to use it for good and for the Will of Heaven and not to meet the needs of the ego. However, the majority of women in the world have totally lost touch with this, mostly in part to the guilt enforced on society by the Christian tradition.

When the Witches were wiped out the church destroyed a lot more than we can ever imagine, and created a gaping wound in the collective consciousness of humanity and women in particular.

Witches were mainly women, and by their killing in the thousands, what the church effectively did was destroy the spiritual power of women. Many women incarnated today who were these witches still suffer the fear of following their true path as healers and mystics because of what happened to them. The execution of these thousands of women is nothing short of genocide and it is time to heal these wounds so that women can reclaim their spiritual power. It is only now that the church is even considering women priests being allowed back which is indicative of their backwardness and how deeply ingrained their fear of the 'feminine' is.

Two thousands years before Jesus spirituality was a much more feminine phenomena. For example in the Celtic tradition words like 'Deep Peace of the Running Wave to you' would have been replaced by 'Peace to you'. It was only with the advent of the emergence of the religion of Christianity that we have the suppression of feminine spirituality so that male dominated society could gain control. Religion became much harder - it moved away from its basis in nature, God's greatest creation. It became the domain of men who deprived themselves of all worldly pleasures and told everybody else they were evil for having 'human' thoughts and feelings. Good women were said to be those who also deprived themselves of sexual pleasures and lived as Nuns away from society. They said we would go to hell unless we followed their way and took beliefs about reincarnation out of biblical texts. Where would the fear be if we knew that when we died we would either go to heaven or come back to earth to try again to learn the lessons of spirit? In the bible it says you will reap what you sow, and this is really what a belief in reincarnation and karma are all about. What you do in this life will come back to you, either good or bad and if not in this life in the next. Not using the spiritual gifts we have also creates karma - not showing love when we can or sharing our wisdom with others.

This is by no means an attack on men. In fact men have suffered greatly and have also been collectively wounded by this removal of the 'feminine' from spirituality. Men have through subtle and not so subtle means, like the military, been brought up to at least think they may have to kill another man one day in war. If they refuse they will be regarded as traitors to their country and cowards. This is very true in England where much of the culture still centres on the war. But given this, it is not surprising that men find it difficult to relate to each other on a deeper level as real human beings? As long as its no more important that beer and football men are comfortable with each other, but anything else is regarded with fear by many men. The feminine in spirituality helps men to express their dual nature and through this become closer to God.

Another 'casualty' of the witch hunt years was the art of Herbalism. This was an art also practiced by Mary Magdalene with her Healing Balm, and Jesus and Mary would most certainly also have had knowledge of the healing power of nature. The ascendancy of medicine as a male dominated tradition needed to suppress once again this feminine side. I refer to medicine based in nature as the feminine side here. The advances in medicine although they have been beneficial to humanity, have also created a 'monster' where often cures are more destructive that the original disease. Also much of medicine is based around personal profit and is owned by the Drug companies. The use of alternative and natural remedies is only now starting to become more widely used after hundreds of years. We are now looking back to Mother Earth to help us cure the diseases we have created ourselves through environmental pollution and genetic and chemical farming methods. Even the calendar based around the 13 moons was changed to reflect the new 'male' way by the introduction of the 12 month Gregorian calendar. These subtle methods removed our connection to the natural rhythms of nature and the power of the feminine.

Jesus came to earth to reintroduce the 'feminine' back into spirituality. He came to show us that it is possible for everybody to grow and change, and come closer to God. He was very special, but he was also ordinary. This was his most powerful message for humanity. His life long companions were his 12 disciples (Note there were 13 with Jesus the same number as a witches coven) and Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. Both these wonderful women were talented healers and mystics in their own right whose presence is largely ignored in the Bible rewritten to suit the needs of those in power. But they could not remove everything - and the clues that underlie the reality of the life of Jesus and his love for us are still there.

Catholicism still embodies the worship of the Goddess and plays tribute to the feminine spirituality through the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, although somewhat unconsciously. Perhaps this is the closest to what Jesus really wanted but without the corruption and fear that was to follow in his footsteps and carried out in his name.

It is an urgent task to untie the male and the female, the heart and the mind. We must not reject everything our world has created and must look for the good in the male side of life. It is only through Unity of male and female both within ourselves and outwardly that we will achieve peace and harmony on earth, and return to a spiritual life fulfilling to all people on the planet. We are first and foremost human beings - we all have male and female within us. We are also human beings before our ethnic or religious identity. Jesus wanted unity and Peace on earth. As Christians we have to stop believing we are right and our way is better, as Westerners we have to stop believing we know everything and look to other cultures for their wisdom. Together we stand, united we fall. What man has failed to achieve, God can. All we need to do is open ourselves to following our unique and divine plan and ask for his guidance and protection on the journey through this life.

Alison 23/8/00