The Hierarchi Of The Illuminati

The  Illuminati  Inner  Core


David Rockefeller is identified from so many reliable sources, that his role in the game must be considered to be established. The rest of the members of the "Inner Core" are, and probably will be, most difficult to verify. However, they are members of the super-rich, super- powerful families of the world, and they all stand above the law and shun public exposure. Most of them will never appear on the lists of the world's richest people, like Forbes magazine etc.] What is known though, is the number of members and their nationalities. All together, the Inner core of the Illuminati consists of ten members from the following countries:


USA - 2 members
Canada - one member
France - three members
Austria - one member
Great Britain - one member
Spain - one member
South Africa - one member *)

The  Illuminat  Inner  Ring

Interesting also is a quote from the Holy Bible, Revelation 13:1, when it comes to the Illuminati and the number of people in the inner core:

13.1 "Ten horns" represent ten minor kings (17.12) ...

... Antichrist is the beast as well as the seventh head. 12.3 reads: "Upon his heads seven diadems"; and the next chapter says: "On his horns ten diadems" (13.1). Antichrist in the days to come will arise from the revived Roman Empire so as to gain control over Europe. According to the historical narration the ten kings alluded to in 12.3 are not yet crowned, nor do they have authority. But after these ten kings are crowned and receive authority they will crown the beast. And thus Antichrist gains authority at that very time. "Blasphemy"-Whatever exalts oneself and abases God is blasphemy (see Matt. 9.3, 26.65; John 5.18, 10.33; Mark 3.28; Rev. 16.21). "Upon his heads names of blasphemy"-It means that these heads call themselves gods. History informs us that the first five Caesars in the Roman Empire demanded the people to worship them as gods."

Allaire, Paul Arthur
Allison, Graham Tillery, Jr.
Andreas, Dwayne Orville
Bartley, Robert Leroy
Bergsten, C. Fred
Bowie, Robert R.
Brademas, John
Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Clinton, William Jefferson
Cooper, Richard N.
Corrigan, E. Gerald
Davis, Lynn E.
Friedman, Stephen James
Friedman, Thomas L.
Foley, Thomas Stephen
Gregen, David
R.Graham, Katharine
Greenberg, Maurice R.
Hesburgh, Theodore Martin
Hewitt, William Alexander
Holbrooke, Richard C.
Jordan, Vernon Eulion, Jr.
Kissinger, Henry Alfred
Lord, Winston
McCracken, Paul Winston
McNamara, Robert Strange
Mondale, Walter Fritz
Nye, Joseph S., Jr.
Ridgway, Rozanne Lejeanne
Robinson, Charles W.
Rockefeller, David
Scowcroft, Brent
Sonnenfeldt, Helmut
Whitehead, John Cunningham
Zoellick, Robert B.
Xerox Corp
Center for National Policy U.S
Archer Daniels Midland Co
Wall Street Journal
Inst. for Int. Econ. U.S.
Overseas Development Council
Center for Strategic & International studies
Former President of the USA
Professor at Harvard University
Goldman Sachs
Under Secretary State Dep. U.S.
Co-chairman Goldman Sachs & Co.
Columnist New York Times
House of Representatives U.S.
Special assistant to President Clinton
Chairman Washington Post
Dep. Chairman Fed, N.Y.
Former President of the Notre Dame University
Ambassador Jamaica
US Ambassador, peace negotiator
Brookings Institute
Former Secretary of States U.S., Kissinger Associates
Assistant Secretary State Dep. U.S.
Former Professor of University Michigan
World Bank
US Ambassador
Chairman National Intelligence Council
Co-chairman Atlantic Council
Overseas Development Council, Brookings Institute
Chase Manhattan Bank, Exxon Oil, etc.
Former President Assistant, National Security Council
Brookings Institute, Carnegie Endow. Man.
Chairman Brookings Institute
Federal National Morgan Associates

[ To be a member of the Inner Ring, which means you are about 90% informed and heavily involved in the New World Order movement, you must also be a member of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. ]


Ross Sr., Robert Gaylon:  Who's Who of the Elite

*) Fritz Springmeier