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Part I: Lawyers/Cia/Mob/Bush = Rape/Murder/Drug Smuggle/Steal
Part II: How Politicians/Illuminati Use Mafia To Do Their Dirty Work
Part III: New Drugwar Counterinsurgency Manual - "Deep Cover"
Part IV: Illuminati Directly Linked To Current World Events By Victory Chart

Part A:
Lawyers have amassed into a worldwide coalition to dominate the world in the tradition of the Bavarian Illuminati. Back in the 1800's they managed to gain control of Amerika by planting their seeds in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch of U.S. Now separation of powers of the 3 branches exists only on the hemp paper the Constitution was written on.

Oh, and they managed to make hemp illegal because their buddies own chemical and logging industries that hemp paper was and can put out of business because it grows 20 times faster, makes better paper, and needs fewer chemicals to process into paper! They turned U.S. politics into a morbid game for money. In 1700's our founders warned us of political parties and hired farmers for presidents who did not use CIA hitmen to topple foreign regimes for private business concerns. (Bush's international construction company builds oil refineries in Saudi Arabia!*!*!)

Big brother is nothing more than a four eyed wimp called George with a lust for megabucks. Death to all who oppose the villain - ex-head of the CIA -turned US Pres! But he made a terrible mistake. He called a war on drugs,but his CIA has imported Heroin from Asia for half a century and brought Coke into the US on Air Amerika planes coming back from Contra Arms deliveries in Central Amerika!

Part B:(Some facts and logical conclusions about lawyers)


by David C. Morrow:

Slave owners often helped themselves to their female property and medieval lords showed their ability to dominate and degrade by having serfs' brides spend their wedding nights with them and not the grooms.

The California State Bar's Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct has recently decided that "a lawyer-client sexual relationship" does not impair the lawyer's ability "to competently perform the legal services required."

"A ban on any sexual relationship with a client," the gentlemen of the Bar concluded, "appears overly broad and unnecessary." Like the Alaska Bar Association and, a few years ago, its Oregon counterpart, they ruled it perfectly fine for lawyers to have sex with women (or men) they represent.

Much criticism of lawyers has come from men trying to reform divorce laws that give wives at least half a man's property, most of his future income, and child support without enforced visitation. The accusation is that attorneys, in legislative offices deliberately make laws that bribe women to divorce in order to generate cases and that judges, themselves lawyers, assign custody to women because of evidence showing that maternal more than paternal custody results in juvenile delinquency. That divorcees may not enjoy as high a living standard as they anticipate is of no concern to the lawyers.

While these observations can be supported by findings of such established researchers as the Kettering Foundation and the FBI Crime report, there are broader implications.

Minnesotan R. F. Doyle, while researching the law's abuse of marriage, came across a telling article in the September 17, 1975 "Philadelphia Inquirer". Participants in a Philadelphia Bar Association meeting voted against marijuana decriminalization. No health reasons were cited; instead the prominent attorney A. Charles Peruto said that lawyers needed marijuana cases for personal profit. One need but recall how prostitution, pornography, and other vices are usually tolerated except during election year when incumbents need to demonstrate their "effectiveness" and raise extra revenues while scratching one another's backs.

More recently, victims of violent crimes by repeat offenders have begun to speak out against lenient judges and parole boards who do not keep dangerous offenders locked up. Each retrial means money for lawyers, judges and a host of court employees, and who better to guarantee retrials than habitual criminals?

To test the lawyer conspiracy theory a few years ago, I sent to various state legislatures for copies of their statistics. While Idaho listed only eight of 105 legislators as lawyers in 1983, I discovered that in Wisconsin, for example, eleven of thirty-one senators and twelve of ninety-nine representatives were attorneys. During that time, seventeen of Alabama's thirty-five senators and eleven of sixty-five representatives were lawyers. The New York State legislature was twenty percent lawyers. Governors, as in Wisconsin, frequently proved to be lawyers.

It would seem that since members of the legal fraternity occupy all branches of government, the separation of powers exists only on paper. This enables them to generate cases for profit and the public detriment by making unenforceable laws, encouraging repeat offenders as long as possible, and appealing to greed to keep families - and thereby society in general - in disorder. Perhaps, indeed, most of America's problems are due less to mysterious sociological factors than to sly legal machinations.

In their zeal to publicly approve their own sexual misbehavior, what lawyers are really doing is, like slave owners or medieval lords, sneering down at the rest of us from their pinnacle and flaunting their privileges in the most degrading and insulting manner. They are also engaging in behavior that causes social change, especially change of ruling classes. It is the signal to take actions to eliminate their tyranny.

We should exclude attorneys from all legislative and executive positions. Office holders can hire or appoint legal advisers. Judges should be elected, since appointment, especially by professional peers, would be perverted to favor persons who work to advance their profession and not to secure justice and social stability. Rather than campaigning, judges should have to publish their decisions and sentences with complete explanations in ordinary language, and this information alone should be the basis of the voters' decision to re-elect or turn them out of office. Since they enjoy immunity from prosecution for wrongful decisions, judges' punishments for crimes committed while in office should be extremely severe.

With these and other measures that may be found useful, we can enter the next century with few social problems, a very high standard of public morality, and with crimes violent and victimless under a functional measure of control.

<--REPRINT FROM NOMOS, Vol. 7, #'s 2 & 3, Nomos Press, Inc. 9857 S. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60643, 1 year subscription of 4 issues costs $15 (Never mail cash)

Part C:(Some more facts about lawyers and Mr. CIA dude(G.BUSH!))

In the early 1800's, the professional politicians took over this country and public office went from "A duty and a privilege" to a profession. A professional politician must be a master of words. A lawyer's rhetoric is as effective as a 357 magnum. Who better to pull off the bloodless coup. Or has it been blood-less? The civil war devastated the north, the south, and the blacks had to go to work in polluted northern factories for pennies a day afterwards (quite handy however for the northern industrial imperialists.) Then the bluecoats killed off the Indians and the buffalo to boot! Then came Korea, Nam, Graneda, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Kuwait.

Around 1903 a New York oil baron had Nikolai Tesla thrown out of N.Y. (Tesla was a super inventer of such things as AC current and the Westinghouse electric motor!) It seems Tesla had discovered a way to transmit electricity without wires around NY city! The oilmen knew it would be an end to their gross profiteering from energy manipulation and tossed Nik outta there!

A book called "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" documents how hemp was needed to win world wars, but soon after became illegal after oil, logging and chemical companies realized hemp made better paper with less petro-chemicals and converted to alcohol easily with extremely high energy per kilo of biomass! (Cars can run on alcohol just as easily as gas-I know-I raced cars & planes!)

"The Origin of Consciousness In the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Dr. Julian Jaynes of Princeton U., shows in his book how leaders of the world have confused us for thousands of years with rhetoric, mysticism, music, & theology, so as to better manipulate and tax the poor masses.

Then there was the carburetor invented in the 70's that got 100 MPG. All of a sudden a major U.S. company bought the patent rights to the carb and locked it away. Think of the pollution we now have that we could have avoided if a handful of greedy politicians and oilmen didn't want all of the excess wealth their oil businesses have afforded them at the cost of our health!

And Bush is an Oil Refinery Contractor from Texas! Remember, the place where LBJ, Carlos Marcello, and the CIA had Kennedy shot. Oh, but Bush was in the CIA! Oh and Bush became the head of the CIA - the same folks that killed JFK to escalate war and drug profits in NAM. A book "The politics of Heroin in South East Asia" documents the CIA's selling of narcotics to fund operations. So does the Book "The American Heroin Empire". HOT NEW BOOK ON DRUGWAR SCAM & COUNTERINSUGENCY IS CALLED "DEEP COVER" BY MICHAEL LEVINE - GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!! Garrison's book, "On the trail of Assassins" shows how Oswall was indeed also a CIA agent. Lucky for the CIA & FBI that Oswald died soon after, along with over a dozen very important witnessess and suspects who perished for unexplainably weird reasons within a year of JFK's murder. (And David Scheim's book "Contract On America" provides the evidence showing how Mafia chiefs like Marcello worked together with the CIA to murder JFK, Robert Kennedy(he prosecuted MOB Bosses as JFK's Attorney General), Martin Luther King and Malcom X(these two were begining to expose the facts that the CIA/MOB drug dealers were taking all the money from the poor people they sold narcotics to!))

But Bush wants a drug war? But his CIA sells drugs(hard narcotics). Let us impeach Bush for accessory to a felony to import narcotics(He knew about it) Or impeach him for accessory to JFK's treasonous murder.(It is supreme high treason to withhold knowledge of a conspiracy to kill a U.S. President - and treason carries the death penalty!)

Hoover ran the FBI at the time the killing and helped the coverup. Such twisted justice can be found described in Turner's book, "Hoover's FBI." Ex-CIA agents have written books like "The CIA File" and "Deadly Deceits" which further documents the ruthless activities of drug smuggling and crime by the CIA abroad and at home. (U.S. law strictly forbids CIA operation in U.S.) "The Cocaine Wars" explains that the CIA now imports South American Cocaine into U.S. The Mafias do too, but then they also work for the CIA in many areas like drug smuggling, assassinations, and other clandistine, cloak and dagger dirty work no longer needed in the global world of the nineties!

According to the book "Poisoning for Profit," by Block and Scarpitti, the Mafias basically own the nations waste disposal companies and have dumped toxic waste illegally into U.S. water supplies for decades. If the CIA and the Mafia work together, then who is committing crimes against the U.S. now?

I would say that the Bush/Oil/CIA/Mafia connection poses the most threat to U.S. national security for choking US with oil pollution in Air and Water, killing our presidents, poisoning our water with toxic waste, and getting our kids hooked on Smack, Coke and Crack - and all for their love of $.

Hell, these guys make the KGB look about as dangerous as a Cub Scout Pack loaded with water balloons!

But these same guys control the news services too! No one ever hears any of this. But then no one reads non-fiction books any more either! These books are all available at a good college or city library to read for free! Just when Iraq grabbed the headlines months ago, the Gannett news agency reported in a small article that mostly Texans including G.Bush received over 500,000 bucks from failing S&L's. Great smokescreen(sandscreen) George!

Oh, and Bush is a life member of the "Skull and Crossbones Club" which is the American equivalent of the Bavarian Illuminati - the motto of which falls along the lines of "secrecy or death!" These secret sects were formed by Lawyers as far back as 1776 to dominate, manipulate and tax the masses!

Part D(Conclusion:) We the people could all have 2 day work weeks if $.60 out of every $1.00 we spend did not pay for energy costs they have assessed us soley for their own gains-this alone is multiple felony counts of interstate fraud/mail fraud by Bush & Company. (CIA, & Logging, Oil, Chemical & Financial Industries!)

I propose a new order, not of imperfect, selfish, egotistical humans, but of and through microprocessors. These machines would not rule the world as most would expect, but would just aid in applying logic to the production of solutions to the race's survival.

Data on natural resources, human resources, pollution, et cetera, would be inputed into a program written in Basic language, open to anyone's inspection, that would give a committee of non-lawyers/oilmen logical options to take in handling the affairs of the people. Data input into the Basic interpreter by the committee would be available to all citizens to duplicate and certify the committees results.

If the program can be run on anyone's PC, then everyone with a PC could verify the results the committee obtained so as to make sure that the committee was not exceeding its own authority. The committee would have to post input data in newspapers for each problem entered, to allow citizens to duplicate the committee's findings. If the committee obtained results that differed with the people's results, the committee would be subject to an audit of their hardware and software systems until the reason was determined that they obtained different solutions. This would eliminate the possibility for a virus to be injected into their system and would eliminate the criminal elements from tampering with our government for their own personal gains!

With such a system, we no longer would have the personal conflicts of interest that we presently have with our leaders who are so economically tied to world events and whose "solutions" are now tainted by such events.



"CONTRACT ON AMERICA" =superexpose on mob/cia/illuminati JFK,King,Malcm X hits!

Well go to a good bookstore and aquire the book "Contract On America" by David E Scheim. Paperback versions have 624 pages and cost 4.95 US bux. This is probably the best single source on "the conspiracy" by our governent to work with the Mob to take over the U.S.A. and run it for their personal profit.

Chapter 21 "More Assassinations" Documents how the Mob killed Martin Luther/Malcom X because the two had begun to expose how much the Mob profitted off of ghetto Blacks by selling drugs to the poor People!

Chapter 22 "Richard Nixon and the Mob." This chapter documents a multitude of conections between Nixon and the Mob/Hoffa/Teamsters/and relatives of such. (in my opinion, Nixon was one of the fuckin greasyest, slimyest, scum buckets who pretended to work for the People as a "politician" -- next to Rea-gun and Bush-wacker of course!)

Chapter 23 "The Reagan Administration"

Obviously deals with CIA/Mob connections that Reagan and his cronies like G.Bush had in those 8 years of blood sucking!

And now for a quote from page 257 of "Contract On America" (read it and weep)

"Organized crime involves itself in the life of every single human being. It causes prices to be raised; it affects your pocketbook when you go to a laundry or dry cleaner; the price you pay for food in the market. I have been involved in and know of bad meat being purchased, unfit for human consumption, that has been converted into salami in delicatessens and forced to be sold through grocery stores... When I testified about Mr DeCarlo, I, too, had the native feel of what organized crime was. I saw photographs of graves dug in New Jersey, with over 35 bodies over a period of years, melted with lye. I sat and heard the voices at dinner talking over murdering a 12-year-old child and burying bodies in New Jersey... Narcotics, manipulation of businesses that cause prices to spiral, we can go on for a long, long time. . . .It goes on and on.

Mob defector Gerald Zelmanowitz, testifying in 1973 before a U.S. Senate committee"


page 594 states "Gelli is also "very well aquainted with Vice-President-Bush." (in Mobese this translates to "the two fuckin worked together")

page367 states "On August 2, 1980, as resort-bound Italian and foreign tourists crowded Italy's Bologna R.R. station, a massive bomb ripped through a waiting room. The explosion left 85 dead and 200 others injured. It was the worst terrorist strike in postwar Europe....

....Another defendent in the pending trial(on the bombing) is P2 grandmaster Licio Gelli, now a fugitive believed to be hiding in S Amerika.

In 1981, shortly before fleeing multiple criminal indictments, Gelli had been an honored guest at Reagan's inaugural ball...

...when police raided Gelli's villa in 1981...they found an exchange of letters between Gelli and Guarino discussing ways to help "our brother Michele," refering to Sindona, another P2 member. Sindona, who had curried the Italian-American vote for Nixon as Guarino did for Reagan, was then on trial in New York. Gelli also wrote a letter of support to Reagan offering to ensure favorable coverage for him in the Italian press. The powerful Italian used his infuence in a major publishing empire to do exactly that....

....the president(Reagan-Bush) has countenanced the use of unsavory partnerships and methods to further a political agenda. Moreover, two policy developments of his presidency find disturbing counterparts in Mob ideology and perhaps reflect traces of the Mob's insidious, post-assassination influence on:

1) A classic mob scam is to assume control of a thriving business and drain its wealth through massive loans based on its previoously good finacial standing. During Reagan's 2 terms, Amerikans have been steered along in an orgy of consumption that has tripled the national debt from $645 billion to $2 trillion and turned the world's largest creditor nation into the world's largest debtor.

2) Organized crime's "ultimate solution to everything is to kill somebody," as one defector observed. During the early years of Reagan's presidency, military force became the prime instrument of U.S. foreign policy. Patterned after a percieved Soviet menace and financed by the ballooning deficit, the biggest peacetime weapons buildup in U.S. history was conducted. This obsessive reliance on weaponry was no better exhibited than in the 1985 covert U.S. arms sale to Iran - obstensibly a good-will gesture - while that nation was known to be sponsoring terrorism against Amerikan citizens."

Borrow or buy this book and learn even more! It has pictures, and it seems as though every other sentence is documented with footnotes referencing hard core sources!



"Deep Cover", by Michael Levine (an expose of the phony drug war by a former undercover operative) is out in paperback for $6.00. Seems pretty good reading, and should provide lots of ammunition for those of us trying to end this "drug war" madness.

(Standard plug: legalized drugs could bring in on the order of $100 *BILLION* a year in tax revenues, the best chance to reduce the deficit and pull us out of the recession. Currently that money is going overseas to 3rd world drug producers.)

Quote from the book: " ... the secret agencies that really pull the strings of foreign policy believe that our two-hundred-BILLION-dollar-a-year drug habit is a necessary subsidy to keep the millions of poor in Third World countries from turning to communism ..."

"Once lead the American people into war, and they'll forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance. To fight you must be brutal and ruthless, and the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into every fiber of our national life ..." --- President Woodrow Wilson



Hell, I'm Jewish, but it sure as hell to me looks like international banking is a Religious plot to rule the world. After all, the major International Banks are owned by three Jewish families, the Rosenthauls, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds! New York City was owned by 'em until the Japs bought them out! Read a book by a former Moussad operative(Israeli SS) called "Moussad" to become more enlightened about this matter! And order the best single source on the Illuminati for *FREE* by asking for the "Rise and Power of the International Bankers" chart from:


(Summary of just one-hundredth of the chart is found at end of this document.)

Jayne's book and I&O Publishing out of Boulder City Nevada will illustrate that whenever a bunch of religious fanatics do something, they ruin things for all others. Take the Pope's overpopulation of the earth for example, or the crusades, or the Koran's evil followers in Arabia. Every time We the People are left holding the bag naked. I say lets drop the bag in the dumpster. Ditch religion forever and think for yourself damn-it! I only include this church literature cause they are involved with the Freedom Movement who, yes, are a little fanatical, but they are the only ones around who will stand up to the B.S. that has suppressed so many others, and are the only ones who dare expose the Illuminati and live to talk about it!


These folks are more secret than Moussad(the Israeli SS) who is the undisputed ultimate "secret agent men/women" experts of the world. Therefore, you will find no reliable sources of information on them.

They like to frequent Swiss chalets and spend their loot on good spirits and women. Oh, they do not have women for members.

Their associates are in international banking and are world leaders of organized crime. But they are not ever necessarily top world leaders or top CEO's, but they completely influence the major decisions of most multinational companies and world leaders.

They are always there but you never see them:

Once, at a coffee shop in an affluent Denver 'burb in the foothills, I ran across a man of this general authority. With a German accent, he had told me that if I were to sit at a table, I was to buy coffee, but he did not work there. He wore a $2,000 Swiss pilot's chronometer on one wrist. His clothes cost at least half of the watch and he wasn't wearing a suit! We were just waiting for the rain to stop and I could not believe my ears when he tried to shoo me away from my dry spot under the curbside table's canvas awning. I thought carefully and then replied something to the likes of "The Illuminati would always like for me to be recirculating my money back into their economic system of manipulation."

As soon as I said this, never mind the weather, he took off. He was a strong 50 year old Aryan, about 6'1", 200lbs, to my 5'11", 150lbs but he looked extremely agitated before he left. I could tell he was not physically scared of me. In fact, he knew all too well what I was saying about the global economic policies of his "associates" in the Illuminati. You see, they have so effectively cut off information about even their existence, that it will damn near give one of them vapor lock if you call their hand! (Notice that Europe houses the ultimate banks next to Bavaria on Swiss soil, and note how the Swiss are given International Neutrality to boot so that the Secret accounts will be safe and stable! I would wager a month of Sundays that money in a Swiss account is backed by real gold too!)

Bush belongs to the "Skull and Crossbones Club" which is the American Equivalent of the Illuninati. You have to study at Yale and be in a family that is part of the old boy system and then you might get in. It is highly secret, but really is much more well known than the Illuminati. It exists to perpetuate the existence of the old boys in Amerika, much as the Illuminati does the same in Europe.

Amazingly, the only reference to the Illuminati that I have ever seen other than in a few paper back books on mysticism called the Trilogy which actually are probably right 50% of the time, was in the Unabridged Webster's Dictionary, where all it dares say is that they were "the members of an anticlerical, deistic, republican society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, professor of law at Ingolstadt in Bavaria. It was suppressed by the Bavarian government in 1785: called also the Order of the Illuminati."

I suppose they had to go deep undercover, much more so than even the Mafia. This might explain the agitation I evoked in the fellow!

It might be fun to know more about these fellow, but you now know all you need to know, except their names. Search and destroy!

The Illuminati was formed by the creme de la creme of Europe's most powerful aristocrats to perpetuate its iron grip on the peasants, to maintain the status quo, to keep the rich rich, and the poor masses poor.

J.Jaynes book, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown Of the Bicameral Mind," explains how for thousands of years, the masses have been hypnotized into not thinking for themselves by Illuminati like leaders who use mysticism, religion, music and propaganda to accomplish this. A person can still do very hard organized work for these manipulators and actually still not ever think in a non-bicameral or enlightened state of mind. This has allowed the world's sadistic, oppressive leaders to screw us for 1000's of years.

It appears that the illuminati had penetrated U.S. government from the beginning. The Illuminati was formed in 1776 by a lawyer in Bavaria. These esquires snaked their way into the womb of Amerika from the getgo! I find it revolting and an infinite slap in the face to see lawyers' own symbol of economic repression on the very money we get shafted for by these leach lawyers daily.

(In 1776 The European Economic Community (the aristocracy) worried quite a bit when WE told England to get the Hell outta here, so naturally they regrouped and formed the Illuminati to deal with US and prevent future colonies from being so eager to toss the king's tea taxes overboard!)


Beginning in 1795, five of the Rothschild's sons were sent to five different European countries, were the Illuminati/World Banker scam started to spread in Germany, Vienna, England, Italy, and France. This put them in the top five countries, where they soon rose to positions of immense power and influence. Thus the manipulation of global affairs began!

The 10 commandments of the Illuminati are:
1 - Abolish land ownership.
2 - Taxation of the people.
3 - Abolish all rights of inheritance.
4 - Confiscate lands and properties of all rebels.
5 - Centralize credit - Create National banks.
6 - Control transportation and communication.
7 - State owned factories.
8 - Equal liability of all to labor.
9 - Distribution of the population.
10 - Free education to all in "public" schools.

The chart shows that in 1798 the following 3 things occurred:
1 - Washington warned of the danger of the Illuminati.
2 - Jefferson wrote to John Adams stating that he agreed with him that the international bankers were more powerful and dangerous than standing armies.
3 - Professor John Robinson exposed it in his book, " PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY."

And then in 1836, Andrew Jackson abolished the central bank. If this measure had not been taken, America would have fallen to the International bankers at this time.


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