Pentagon CyberTroops

The National Security Apparatus Gears Up for Infowar

by Charles Overbeck

Matrix Editor

The next time you hear someone say, "This Internet thing is just a fad," slap them upside the head for me, will you?

Not that I normally condone physical violence, but in this case, you'll be doing them a favor. They need to snap out of their walking comas. For better or worse, the information revolution is here. The basis of our economy is steadily shifting from the means of industrial production to the knowledge that enables industrial production. As a result, ordinary human beings suddenly have access to sophisticated information technology, allowing unprecedented access to the marketplace of ideas. But will this same technology be turned against us in the name of "national security?" As the military and the intelligence community begins exploring the frontiers of information warfare, the answer to that question is more ominous than ever. This ParaScope special report will take a look at what is being planned, and who is doing the planning.

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