The Structure of Quantum Consciousness and Intelligence 

 The Quantum Reality of Nature


"There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."

~ Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning father of quantum theory  


Consciousness literally means perception and awareness. It is the awareness of “self” and the environment in which it exist. Intelligence is the ability to transform perception into action and change such that it adjusts and survives in the environment. It involves developing, storing, classifying, generalizing, retrieving and destroying information. An atom in this sense is conscious and intelligent for it perceives the heat content of the environment and changes accordingly. It develops bonds and forms complex systems in order to survive. Every system in nature by above definition is conscious and intelligent against Time and energy changes. The only exception appears humankind that bound by “self” becomes unconscious and unintelligent to perceive Time and change. He lives by his inferior mind. I always felt that if one can detach from “self” and make an enquiry from a point of freedom into nature, then one can unearth a simplicity behind the complexity of nature in which we are lost. I present to you the simplicity unearthed over the past two decades of my search for Truth from a point of freedom. I speak to you the fundamental Quantum Design, Principle and the Law governing the building blocks, all the system and the whole nature.     


The Simple Truth  - The Fundamental Design and Principle

The Truth is flow and perpetual flow. The Truth is the existence of the opposite as one. The Truth is male and female. The Truth is Quantum flow and existence of two phases, the male and female and male inside the female. Truth is a ratio and existence of dominant and recessive. This Truth should exist in the design of fundamental building blocks, all the system it forms and the whole in which everything exist.

Let us now understand Truth from common sense. The fundamental to nature is flow and in order for the flow to occur there should be a dominant and recessive, the giver and receiver. The quantum and perpetual flow invariably means the process should be such that the flow results in the recessive turning dominant and the dominant turning recessive such that reverse flow occurs. In other words a fundamental ratio and non-equilibrium between the left and right exist in the design of the fundamental particle, in the system formed from it and the whole. This non-equilibrium manifests as strain or force in the particle, all the systems it forms. It is the energy content of the particle and the systems it goes to form.

The best way to visualize the fundamental particle is to view it as number 8 with one of the arm being dominant the other recessive in the ratio 4:3. This will give the particle a strain and a slight bend. A quantum flow now can occur form the dominant to the recessive component leading to reversal of the ratio and thus a reverse flow. This could be viewed as the energy particle that is capable doing quantum work. The process of flow results in pulsating existence. The non-equilibrium causes the spinning and curved displacement of the particle in space. This creates a spiral wave in the surrounding. [More about it see Quantum World (]

Now the whole field could be considered as the consciousness field and the quantum strain that flows, as the spirit or intelligence.

Note – There is a fundamental instinct in the particle and all the system to reach equilibrium, but by design they are restricted from attaining this equilibrium.

The actual flow process and the reality of quantum flow cannot be visualized unless we imagine an opposing pair to the above particle. Science has shown us that there exist two types of energy, the kinetic and potential. The best way to visualize the coexistence of these two particles is to perceive one existing in the other. This gives a spatial vision to the flow.

Now the two particles, one existing in the other, should have non-equilibrium of 4:3 between them so that flow occurs between them. This gives us 4-tier spiral path of flow with a ratio 5:4:4:3. The flow is now initiated and powered by two-quantum difference and is directed from the dominant to the recessive. As the flow proceeds a relative equilibrium state is reached [3:5:5:3]. Since by design an absolute equilibrium is forbidden by design, the system wishes to say in this relative equilibrium.  This is the basal particle or system or the Universal Conscious Field in which every thing exist. The spirit or the intelligence is spread in a balanced manner in the system. The system now works to maintain this state. One must note that the two opposites designed in non-equilibrium manner with a direction of flow [time] is now divided into two and structured into a perfect balance or Justice there by arresting Time flow.  This is the Structure of Quantum Consciousness and Intelligence. See figure below

The Origin of Time flow within this balanced field and the Reality of Nature we witness cannot be understood unless we stand aside and observe the Reality with out a “self”.

The Reality of nature is the existence of millions of individuated conscious and intelligent systems within the Universal Conscious Field. The Universal Conscious System encloses unlimited number of material systems, radiating systems, living systems, spread out in its left and right balanced frame. Any disturbance on the left or right of the universal field is balanced by the proportionate and opposite movement of the spirit in the system. In fact no changes can occur unless it exchanges time/energy with the Universal Conscious Field. This change is perceived the by the spirit and it moves to balance it self. The instinct of the system now works to protect the relative equilibrium and the process results in development of information and complexity. The spirit or non-equilibrium plays a vital role in the development of information its classification and retrieval.

The question arises from where the disturbance originates. The answer is that it is inherent to the system. All the material systems on the left and right by virtue of the non-equilibrium seek equilibrium and thus produce a centripetal force or gravitational force. In contrast to it the life takes the gravity and produces anti-gravitational force. The second law of thermodynamic applied to material system and living system shows this opposition. Nature it self is designed to take gravity and give anti-gravity. When the east largely awakes to light and activation of life, the west goes to sleep and large inactivation of life. The system is basically random and balanced by design. But a direction to nature and Quantum Collapse and change in direction of time takes place when we take into account mankind whose mind sets out to conquer and corrupt nature breaking the basic law and the boundary. No wonder Lord Forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree at the Center!!!!!  When the law is over looked and boundary is broken, time takes direction to inevitable collapse and re-origin. There are two possibilities one is the big bang origin [see creation (] or a little perturbation theory where one central human life that is the miniature of the whole at the center, capable of perceiving time and energy makes the self-sacrifice to take the force of collapse and transform into a new plane and thus giving a new pulse to the system before the old collapses. It could be compared reproduction where the essence of father enters the womb of the mother to conquer time and initialize it.

This Fundamental Reality at length has potential to explain everything about Science Religion, philosophy, Spirituality and even Social and Political science. It can explain and account the secret of life, the development of information and its functioning  sensibly. This fundamental Truth is the basis of all the articles in the site. For those who are interested in Consciousness and Intelligence I refer to the article

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This simple reality when understood will dissolve complexity into simplicity. It can bring order out of disorder, health out non-health, peace out of peacelessness, security out insecurity, happiness out of unhappiness, justice out of injustice and so on. In short it can dissolve negativeness and convert it in to positiveness. It can end war and terrorism. I see unlimited potentials for its application. Yet the one area I struggle to call attention is our survival against Time Reversal. The Quantum Universe is Collapsing ( and entering New Time cycle. The Negative energies caught up and concentrated in Earths Core and its environment due to reckless exploitation of nature is bubbling to come out. A huge destructive period is ahead. We are witnessing it already. The only way to alleviate this destruction is to convert them into positive energy. And this cannot happen unless we awaken to the Truth.