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EBE: Reticulan

Origin: ( Zeta 2 reticuli, Reticulum Four.

Grey aliens - Greys - The Kids - Reticulans - Little Grey Bastards

Bob was not able to give us any detail from the lower abdomen down, and to date, any other information corroborating this description, only refers to the head.  None the less, we are presenting this as the most accurate description of the extra-terrestrial beings from planet Zeta 2 Reticuli / 4.  Or, the fourth planet out from, and revolving around, the binary star system  Zeta 2, Reticuli.


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They have a central organ, as illustrated by the dark kidney shaped patch in the middle view.  Within the chest cavity this single organ is compartmentalized and includes the heart, lungs, stomach and other unknown organs.  From the outside, this organ looked like a large pear shaped organ.   The neck had thick vein-like muscles and the frail front view of the neck is supported by the side and back views which display this body's intense muscle structure for it's size.

The shoulders were square and when the head was looking down at someone, it would appear the point of the chin were resting on a block.

The facial features, nose and mouth primarily, were slight. Not like the current lore, displaying  mimetic expressiveness, wrinkles, and lips.  There wasn't a nose, simply two slightly tapered holes.  The mouth was a slit and very finely filleted.

The ear canals continued to the surface and didn't require "collector dishes" like we do.  It has been theorized and even fantasized that these beings speak in a form of telepathy.  With their flattened ear structure, they could simply be speaking in a frequency higher than ours.  It wouldn't have to be that much higher than a dog's frequency for it to escape our ears.  It would also seem logical that highly advanced beings, if communicating audibly, would pick the highest frequency they could to deliver the most information in the same amount of time.

Reticulum ( actually means "the net" and is the name given to it by someone on earth because it resembles a fishing net as viewed from earth.