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Gravity Propulsion

What Does Element 115 Have To Do With Gravity?

The element 115 is machined into triangles like the one illustrated below and is used to power the reactor. It is used to create a reaction from being transmuted with an additional proton from 115 to element 116 which immediately decays and releases antimatter. But more importantly, when an element becomes so heavy as to have 115 protons and lands within an island of stability, the cumulative strong nuclear force or "Gravity A-wave" radiates or extends past the perimeter of the atom. We access this gravity and amplify it, lensing it to counter act the gravity naturally propogating outward from the earth. This is not "anti-gravity" and nor are we generating gravity from nothing as some theorists still believe.

This element is then inserted into the reactor. This piece of element 115 is the source of the gravity A wave as well as the target that is bombarded with protons to release the anti-matter. Only about 223 grams, which is just under a half pound is sufficient to operate the craft for 30 to 45 years.

Element 115

Given to the Americans by the alien visitors. This element is used as the fuel as well as the source of the gravity A wave. Click on Element to start the machining process.

These "visitors" provided this element which does not appear naturally on earth. It came originally from a star system known as Reticulum.

Actual final size.

The Element 115 is machined into wedge as preparation for use in the Reactor.

By virtue of the way Element 115 is used in the reactor, it depletes very slowly. A piece of 115 this size can be used as fuel in the disc's reactor for twenty to thirty years.

Element 115's melting point is 1740 degrees Celsius.

It's standard oxidation state is +3.

Atomic Radius: of Element 115 is 1.87 angstroms.

Carrier Wave Frequency: 7.46 hz @ a one micron bandwidth.

Scientists have theorized for years that there were possible combinations of protons and neutrons which could form atoms that don't appear naturally on earth.

The amount of mass and electromagnetism present at the creation of the universe determines the elements formed within those galaxies and star systems. Our sun is a dwarf compared to most other star systems and binary star systems. In other words, no surprise these superheavy stable elements don't occur naturally on earth.

Modes of Travel using Gravity.

Delta and Omicron Configurations.

Delta configuration: Using Gravity for Interstellar Travel.

When all three of these amplifiers are being used for travel, they're in the Delta configuration.

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When you're distorting space/time and you have the abiltiy of generating an intense gravitational field, then the fastest way from point A to point B is to distort, or warp, or bend the space/time between points A and B, bringing points A and B closer together. The more intense the gravitational field, the greater the distortion of space/time and the shorter the distance between points A and B.

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Omicron Configuration: Travel near surface of planet or moon.

When only one amplifier is being used for travel, they're in the Omicron configuration.

When a disc is near another source of gravity, like earth, the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the gravity B wave, which propagates outward form the earth, and this creates lift. The gravity amplifiers of the disc can be focused independently and they are pulsed and do not stay on continuously. In the Omicron configuration, one amplifier is pulsed and the craft essentially floats on the neutral established by aiming these two gravities at each other and changing the phase. In this case, the other two amplifiers are free to bias the craft in a lateral direction as well as being used to pick things up.