The 29th Avenue Case

By: Graham Conway

On the 17th Nov. 1996 at 5:30 p.m. East Vancouver suffered a power failure that lasted between 2 -3 hours.

For "Wendy May Harper", leaving the Skytrain station, her attention was distracted from the safety comfort of all normal illumination on her short walk, to a large black square tailed object that moved rapidly from east to west across Slocan Park, just above ground level. She still has no idea what it was.

Arriving at her daughters residence they heard a noise outside that sounded like "Whoo,Whoo". On investigating it's source the two women were amazed to see a tennis ball size blue light in the clear night sky. This object was also witnessed by "Steven Barnell" (8 years), the brother of Wendy May Harper (Junior).

Together the group watched the light engage in some surprising aerial acrobatics. It not only also changed shape from a circle to an oval but from blue to yellow. At one point it conveyed the impression it intended to land, but nearby trees curtailed its efforts. During a stationary period the sky seemed to cloud over in its immediate vicinity. Wendy commented that it "smelt so clean outside", (ozone?).

The observation of this object continued for an extended period of time. A pair of children's binoculars were also used, but apart from enlarging the light provided little in the way of extra detail, other than it was a silver (metallic?) object with a gaseous ring surrounding it.

When an aircraft approached on its normal flight path, the light became immobile until the plane had flown past.

This particular sighting is but one recent event in an on going series of strange circumstances that accompany this family.

For example further questioning revealed that Wendy May Harper (Jr) expressed surprise that despite the time of the year with its accompanying cool temperature, she felt warm during the observation period despite being inadequately dressed, by her own admission. The next day she had a "sunburn" and her eyes were watering.

The very same day she felt compelled to go to the nearby park, "before the evidence is destroyed". Although a recent fall of snow had blanketed the area she soon found some strange marks devoid of any snow. Her mother also found a circle, estimated at 30 feet in diameter, with grass sticking up, free of snow and no sign of footprints leading either to or from it.

On leaving the park to return home Wendy (Jr) saw two small old people wearing jeans with rolled cuffs, runners, they had pointed ears, glossy eyes, were smiling as they looked into the young woman's eyes. The "message" that she received was, . . . "you saw it and you know its real now". When she turned around to have a second look at them they had disappeared, although Wendy was at a loss of know just where they could have gone.

The following Sunday, Nov. 24th, around 11:40 pm, Wendy heard a helicopter outside. She saw a blue light through the drapes, then a humming noise, followed a short time later by footsteps, with three shadows passing the window. Next a "glitch" noise, (her word) followed by an orange light. She hesitatingly opened the drapes to find everything outside bathed a brilliant orange. Her partner woke to ask, "have you seen a UFO?"

A week later, Nov. 30th, at 6:05 pm, she and a teenage neighbour "Don" watched an anchor shaped object that appeared to change to a blue triangle. After this lengthy observation Wendy discovered her teeth hurt at the back, top and bottom. Yet again she felt warm outside although not properly clad.

This case had additional ramifications that do little to clarify the total picture.

Wendy (Jr) has a 3 1/2 year old son. He frequently complains to her of "monsters" in his room. His drawings depict a "person" with large eyes. He will often cry and whine in his sleep, yet can't be woken up. He told his mother five little men took him through the window into "the moon". He was placed upon a chair, but a lot of "daddies" were in the room on beds asleep, as were other kids. Only two little men brought him back to his bed. Then he woke up and went to join his mother. Next day Wendy found his socks surprisingly dirty, plus a blade of yellow grass in his bed. She also said that he wet the bed on two occasions. On removing the sheet she found the odor or urine (ammonia?) so overpowering that she nearly vomited. Yet the boys diapers did not in any way come that close in comparison. Nor had she changed his dietary content. Still these events continue, more stories unfold.

Another time he told his mother that he and the other kids had watched a TV screen, on the wall of the craft much bigger than the one they had at home. When asked what colour these "people" were he pointed to a green toy. In a similar fashion held up his fingers on his hands to show how many people took him away.

Turning to Wendy (senior) we learn that she is of Cree origin from Ontario. Has heard "children" sounds in her home, suffers from ringing in her ears, a top of her head pressure, vividly recalls seeing a flaming orb cross the sky when a young girl in company of other family members. Recently she completed a quilt with 1300 circles, and is presently residing in that enigmatic district known locally as the Surrey corridor, where so many sightings and abduction reports emanate. Clearly once again we seem to be confronted with a all too typical "family affair".

What is even more intriguing to the investigators of UFO*BC is that the area known to us as Slocan revives equally strange memories for two of our own colleagues who were raised locally. They relate both being drawn to the power house building on Vaness, (still standing). Then stories are told, that offer mysteries, minus obvious solutions.

We have on file yet another report, 30-40 years old? from the same vicinity, of a craft observed dropping some substance of a fiery nature, into a vacant lot. A quantity of which we were lucky enough to be able to recover. It has the appearance of obsidian.

To top all this off, I should mention, just in case I forget, that Wendy May Harper and family live just two blocks from that very same (no longer used) power house on Slocan. Furthermore, we learnt that Wendy has moved fifteen times in the last eighteen years. What a surprise, and, oh yes, she is thinking of moving again!

The above investigation was conducted by Graham Conway and Bill Oliver - November 1996.