Mysterious Mirage Appears off Coast in Guangdong


Just recently it was discovered that in the maritime waters of China’s Guangdong Province, a mirage was spotted. It can be seen clearly as a small islet with a number of mountains and even a structure that looks like a castle. As it mysteriously appeared, it also left the same way only to have appeared for a bit of over three hours.

Gazing out into the sea from the fishing village, far, far out in the deep blue sea is this rarely seen mirage. It’s getting dimmer by the minute and the mirage is starting to blur out of sight. But a small islet can still be clearly seen where there are a number of mountains and according to villagers, the mirage was seen for as long as three hours.

When it first appeared, a castle-like structure could be seen nestled on top of the mountains with a city wall. But as the sun was setting, the mirage faded with only faint lines discernable.

One scholar said that images seen in the air generally appear inverted, and the phenomenon is due to the reflection of light through two layers of air of different temperature. Light is reflected from far away objects and refracted into your eyes. Shen Quan Town of Guangdong is where mirages are mostly spotted. But this time, it’s these images that were captured to leave a most unforgettable experience for the people who encountered it.