Ghosts, EVP, and Direct Voice Communication


Jul 25, 2007

As all humans know, one of the greatest mysteries of existence is the question of the survival of the human spirit in some manner. Specifically, our own human spirit. The search by mankind for this supposed blessed state is the foundation of many of the great religions - that foundation being - the promise to continue ones freewill in the great beyond. But, most religions only offer the promise of that experience if you believe their particular words of wisdom - literally calling on an act of faith by the followers.

However, in this age of science, many folks are unwilling to make a leap of faith - wanting to rely on something more reliable for their opinions in the 2000’s A.D. - science. Anything quantifiable about the great beyond. Something NOT subjective or qualitative. Something that can be seen or recorded in some manner.

And, I’ll use that as my segway for my last post here at The Heavy Stuff. Specifically, in that post, I mentioned several of the methods by which mankind has become more aware of the possibility that our space continues when we die. The longed for scientific methods of the modern human.

The first way mankind has been semi-aware of `our spaces’ survival; for centuries if not forever; has been the occasional `seeing’ of ghosts (dead humans that is). While limited, ghosts and spaces/locations `haunted’ with `something’ was a staple before mankinds invention of technology. And, was the first `confirmable’ type of knowledge of at least `some spirits’ continuation into the future. But ghosts, in my opinion, didn’t offer much comfort to the person seeking something better in the great beyond that might exist beyond death for a human consciousness. Ghosts were often only seen in one location - such as a house on the same stairwell or in the same room. They seldom, to never, were communicative - in a way their actions being repetitive or lacking in intelligence - compared to our normal consciousness. Is that what death is like(?) - hanging in our old house, going up and down the stairs? There had to be more, right? But, what could confirm humans fondest hopes of extending their `life’ into death? Well, perhaps science and technology could confirm that fondest of human desires. And, indeed, it happened soon after it’s invention with technology after technology.

For example, soon after its invention, the first primitive cameras (even in the 1800’s)  seemed to extend - on occasion - into some other `frequency of space’ it seemed - as `ghosts’ - sometimes recognizable - could be seen occasionally in photos - regardless if they were seen at the `time’ of the photo. Many of the most famous of the `mists’ were hard to explain away as anything except a ghost (dead person). Nevertheless, doubt remained.

Then came video cameras - and - still the same result. Security cameras occasionally capturing what appears to be a ghost in a room or even outside in public areas. You can see such videos on my lens ( under Ghost Videos. I’ve also blogged about the videos several months ago right here.

But, nowadays some folks say that even more evidence exists in the form of EVP - electronic voice phenomena. Yet, another technology recording what seems to be communication of the continuance of the space of a particular human consciousness. Literally, the dead coming thru in real time (sometimes in reverse speech even) in real reality onto a real tape - again, in a manner that can be recorded. To me, speech - even if backwards - is even MORE real (because of it’s information value) than `pictures’ or `appearances’ such as ghosts. That said, some would say that real visual space (such as ghost) is more a way to convey information/proof. So, we will call it a draw on those attributes of proof of `space survival’.

But, even more proof of `space survival’ could be inferred from the Ghosts of Flight 401 (see previous posts of mine on this) — since they not only `appeared’ but `appeared’ as a real person who they were while alive - even with reports of speaking to others outloud (I don’t know if they `answered’ anyones questions to them however). Certainly, events like the ghosts of flight 401 almost demand a belief that `spaces with identity survive’ in some location. And, that was the `tease’ I left in Part - 1 for you to consider. Just `where’ does the `space’ of continued human consciousness survive? So, here is The Heavy Stuff’s best phenomenology guess.

The Heavy Stuff’s first `guess’ as to where the `spirit’ or the `space of consciousness’ that survives death goes has been posted by The Heavy Stuff in a previous blogpost — the `space-information’ of most of us goes to the greatest gravity source in this area of the real universe - our SUN. The source of our life here on Earth. The Heavy Stuff speculation is that our space survives death and indeed can continue to have `perception ability’ associated with a `space-location’ - hence the out of the body experience when many die. This out of the body experience continues for some as they float out of the room (for some this experience begins when they are looking at the `light source’) and see this fantastic light. The `light’ that they could never once look directly at once while `alive’. The Heavy Stuff speculation is that that experience overwhelms most consciousnesses ability to maintain their individual space - ending for most - their existence as a space with human consciousness.

But, evidently, not everyone ends up caught up in the sun’s gravity or experience. Evidently, some spaces with human consciousness - continue right here on earth or near earth. ONLY with continuation near earth’s actual space itself - could such EVP occur. ONLY with continuation near earth’s actual space itself - could the Ghosts of Flight 401 have ever appeared (based on what humans know about physics and the abilitiy of information to transfer from point A to point B) on a real jet.

The best speculation on such matters might guess that the space of a human consciousness might continue to exist as some form of energy/information/electricity within the earths own electromagnet forces that surround the planet. Yes, something close to some sort of great `human brain’ or `earth consciousness’ - that is on-going and continuous as part of our planets `output’. 

And, if that speculation is true - that the space of human consciousness continues as part of the real planet we live on - then communication might be possible. The goal would be to find a way to `find a particular space of human consciousness’ and let that space interact with the real now of `live human consciousnesses’. And, that would lead to the ultimate exchange of information such as `recordings of spaces with human consciousness’ that no longer live — such as the direct voice communications of the website I posted June 12th on my squidoo lens ( .

The qualitative information that came thru in the 100 or so tape recordings is beyond description — which is appropriate for the great beyond - and will be the subject matter of a future post here. Thanks for reading, leave a comment.