An Electromagnetic Theory Of The Paranormal

Dateline: Friday, December 17, 2004

By: Phenomena Senior Editor


We humans live in a thick, invisible smog of electromagnetic (EM) field pollution produced by radio and television transmitters, computers, telecommunication towers, and power lines.

These artificial fields are in turn enhanced by the Earth’s own natural geomagnetic and geoelectrical fields created by geological faults, atmospheric disturbances, and lightning, and by our Sun’s geomagnetic storm influences. The intersection of these artificial and natural fields may well coalesce into ‘hot spots’ that can affect human physiology, especially the brain.

British scientists have accumulated evidence that these hot spots, or rogue electromagnetic fields, can induce some EM sensitive people to hallucinate the appearance of angels, aliens, ghosts, and a range of other visionary perceptions. Such electrically driven visions and mystical experiences might the a direct result of electrical currents in the body being translated into images in the visual cortex of the brain.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been found to be enhanced for persons who have previously been in close proximity to lightning strikes, ball lightning, or who have suffered electrocution. The resulting symptoms for these people include food allergies and chemical sensitivities. It is important to note these are the same symptoms reported by many experiencers in the aftermath of what they report as angel or alien encounters.

Frequent and prolonged irradiation of the brain by EM fields has been medically shown to induce a range of seemingly paranormal effects, including a sense of ‘missing time,’ trance states, vivid visual halluciantions, paralysis, deja vu, sudden and intense fear, and feelings of an invisible presence and of being watched. It is probably no coincidence that combinations of some or all of these effects are reported by persons experiencing angels, alien, and poltergeist encounters. Electrical stimulation of the brain’s language centers can also produce disembodied voices that intrude into the experiencer’s thoughts as if from an external entity.

An Australian study of 40 experiencers of alien and angel events found 70 percent of these persons lived near power line pylons. This study also found a correlation between allergies and the aftermath of paranormal experiences. The frequently reported symptoms--asthma, or chemical and environmental sensitivities--are effects of prolonged EM field exposure.

During hauntings and poltergeist phenomena, British researchers have used magnetometers that recorded power surges and sharply fluctuating magnetic fields within the rooms where these events are reported. The respected British scientific journal, New Scientist, in its Dec. 19, 1998 edition, contained a report with this observation: “By examining records of hauntings since the mid-1800s and comparing the dates with records of fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, a link has been demonstrated between ghostly sightings and sunspot cycles that can trigger magnetic storms on Earth.”

Natural fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic activity can induce altered states of consciousness in susceptible human brains, according to Professor Michael Persinger’s laboratory research at Laurentian University in Canada. By stimulating the temporal lobe areas with bursts of electromagnetic pulses, he has reproduced the “sensed presence” and other effects in his volunteer laboratory subjects.

Persinger’s research shows that electrical stimulation of the brain’s temporal lobe can increase hypnotic suggestibility, induce out-of-the-body sensations, floating, hearing strange sounds and seeing bright lights--all reported effects of both near-death experiences and alien abductions. Even meditation may play a role in manipulating a person’s predisposition to

paranormal experiences based on his finding that longterm meditators showed heightened signs of temporal lobe epilepsy effects such as sensed presence encounters with entities.

We have essentially electronically wired the nervous systems of our entire species with television, radio, and the Internet into an endless feedback loop that can almost instantaneously focus the attention of humanity. From that collective focus might come alterations in the sub-atomic realm, as indicated by The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, which has demonstrated group mind effects on electronic number generators.

If there is anything to the electromagnetic theory of the paranormal, we should see heightened levels of evidence over the next decade in the form of increased reports of all categories of paranormal phenomena, including UFO sightings.