The Arica School

The Arica School was founded in 1968 by Oscar Ichazo as a School of Knowledge. This type of school can be found since antiquity from the Greek Schools to the schools of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi traditions. As in all schools of knowledge, the Arica School provides a method of enlightenment, but what makes the Arica School different from the ancient schools is that it provides a contemporary method of enlightenment, which employs biology, psychology, and physics in order to clarify human consciousness with modern knowledge that produces freedom and liberation.

The knowledge that the Arica School teaches, which is called the protoanalytical theory, system, and method, was originated by Oscar Ichazo. Protoanalysis is the analysis of the complete human being, which starts from the lowest aspects of the human process and progresses systematically to the higher states of consciousness, where enlightenment can be attained. The Arica School provides a clearly defined map of the human psyche in order for each person to discover the basis of their ego process and to transcend this process into a higher state of consciousness that is found in each of us. This state of being is our True Essential Self, which is experienced as an internal state of great happiness, Light, and liberation.

The Arica School presents nine different levels of trainings and practices that clarify step-by-step the human process we all share, while at the same time introducing knowledge to guide us into the higher states where dwells our True Essential Self. Each level clearly defines, analyzes, and processes the psychological aspects of the human psyche or ego by which we gain perspective and understanding about ourselves and others. From this perspective, we clarify our own life's experience which produces a state of self-observation and non-attachment. When the mind is stabilized through perspective, understanding, and self-observation, then meditations are employed to transcend our everyday experiences into the higher states of mind, where enlightenment and real freedom can be attained. In summary, we can say that the Arica School is a School of Knowledge that presents a contemporary method for the clarification of the human process into states of enlightenment and true liberation.