Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International

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Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International was founded in 1956 as an interfaith, non-profit movement by a group of religious leaders, writers, and business and professional persons who felt a kinship with and had a concern for the growing Western interest in altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences. Although SFFI originated in the West, its spiritual orientation has long recognized the need to blend both Eastern and Western traditions in a message and movement with international scope. Thus, it has also recognized that the "numinous" moves mysteriously through time, touching all civilizations and all peoples.


The goal of SFFI is spiritual unfoldment within the individual through the exploration of both old and new dimensions of human experience leading to a unity of body, mind and spirit. SFFI has always realized that the boundaries of the soul's conciousness within each person transcend the limits of time and space. It searches for eternal truths, explores cultural myths, investigates ancient secrets, and seeks experiential and intellectual (cognitive) ways to integrate these insights into daily living. SFFI believes that in knowing the truth, humankind becomes free to participate in ever greater accomplishments blending wisdom and intuition in a unified whole.