Saint Death (Santa Muerte)


he Catholic Church and the Mexican government have both come out to condemn a pagan cult that worships death. The worshippers make offerings to the 'saint' which they call "Santa Muerte" similar to the pagan based nominally Catholic practices called Santería.

The Catholic Church has lately been enforcing a greater discipline both on the practice of Catholized paganism and Catholic culturalism. Most watchers of the religious world believe that the population influx from Mexico has been a revitalization force for the Catholic Church in the United States. The Catholic churches in the United States are generating conversions at the rate that was associated with Evangelicals only a few years ago. However, any lasting benefit that the Catholics hope to draw from the shifting population in the United States could be stunted if groups such as Santa Muerte and Santería are not condemned.

The Catholic Church in the United States may have an edge of over those in Mexico when it comes to maintaining their purity; the Protestant denominations (common in the United States but not Mexico) are quick to denounce idolatry especially among Catholics. We should continue to anticipate change as the United States receives a new composition from its neighbor to the South