Sacred Mushroom of the Cross

Book and also a church by the late Dead Sea Scroll scholar, Dr. Allegro.

Allegro was a brilliant student of Semitic languages at Manchester University and went on to study Hebrew dialects at Oxford University.

In 1953, he was named to an international team formed to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered in caves at Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea six years earlier. The scrolls, which spanned from about 100 B.C. to 70 A.D., included the oldest known manuscripts of books from the Old Testament. Allegro's gift for deciphering minute texts was crucial. His book, "The Dead Sea Scrolls," was published in 1956 and became a bestseller.
Before being removed from the secretive team, he had access to a limited number of scrolls. He used this source in ‘The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross’, which maintains that Christianity has its origins and nature in fertility cults of the Ancient near east centred on a sacred Mushroom.

Allegro's subsequent notoriety caused derision in the scientific community but developed a cult following in the early 1970s. Allegro, in his 1970 book "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross," contended that Judaism and Christianity were in fact products of an ancient sex-and-mushroom cult.
"If rain in the desert," he writes, "was the source of life, then moisture from heaven must only be a more abundant kind of spermatozoa. If the male organ ejaculated this precious fluid and made life in the woman, then above the skies the source of nature's semen must be a mighty penis, as the earth that bore its offspring was the womb. It followed therefore that to induce the heavenly phallus man must stimulate it by sexual means, by singing, dancing, orgiastic displays, and above all by performing the copulatory act itself." Thus at the heart of all religions lies the phallic cult, and neither Judaism nor its offshoot, Christianity, was exceptional.
Briefly, he argued that:

[1] The people responsible for the Scrolls had considerable astronomical knowledge used to draw up personal astrological charts.

[2] The charts describe the expected physical and spiritual characteristics of people born in certain sections of the Zodiac .

[3] There are 9 spiritual parts, compiled from ‘light’ & ‘darkness’.

Eg A Taurean is spiritually 3 times ‘light’, 6 parts dark’.

[4] Individual astrological charts are used by doctors/prophets to gauge medical adjustments needed to rebalance these ‘light’ and ‘dark’ traits.

[5] Like other ‘Mystery’ cults, they put participants through 7 stages of inward purification before the climax of the fungus eating ritual .