Church of Metaphysical Christianity


The Church of Metaphysical Christianity (CMC) was incorporated in 1958 in the state of Florida. Its founders were Rev. Dorothy G. and Dr. Russell Flexer, a husband and wife team of Spiritual ministers and mediums. The church evolved from the Spiritualist Episcopal Church, the parent organization that the Flexers belonged to in the early days of their ministry.

After starting churches in Reading, Pennsylvania and Norfolk, Virginia, the Flexers under the guidance of Spirit, came to Tampa, Florida in 1946. One year later, they with the help of others, started the first Shrine of the Master Church. Two years later, also under the guidance of Spirit, the second Shrine of the Master church was begun in Sarasota.

Their goals and their dreams for the Shrine of the Master were to bring to people an awareness of understanding of the laws that govern spiritual truth within the physical and within Spirit. These teachings are brought forth with everyday language and are taught with practical applications that can be used by anyone regardless of their level of understanding or experience. The primary subjects that are taught in their services and in Spirit conducted settings are understanding; Spiritual Law, Vibrational Healing Energies and Application, Meditation, Spirit Communication, Mediumship Development, Biblical History and Interpretations, a practical approach to personal responsibility and that you create your life with your thoughts.

Through the guidance of Dr. Davis, Rev. Dorothy's Doctor of Philosophy, and other teachers working through her husband, the Shrine of the Master is enjoying and will soon celebrate it's 53'd year as a center of light for those seeking the higher truths. Sarasota is also the home for the CMC, which is expanding to become a national organization of like minded churches, retreats and spiritual centers.