Church of Israel

The Church of Israel does not call itself a Christian Identity congregation. But its teachings echo the movement's, which are generally traced to two 19th-century British ministers, John Wilson and Edward Hine, who justified colonialism on the grounds that the British nation was descended from the 10 lost tribes of biblical Israel.

Asked to explain the Church of Israel's racial views, Gayman said, "We teach that God is the creator of all races, that He created them separately and distinctly with their own unique talents and characteristics, and that every race has a purpose in God's plan."

As to the purpose of whites, he said: "I would simply say that we believe that the Caucasian people are the literal descendants of the lost 10 tribes of Israel, and they would occupy a place of prominence in the plan of God."

As a general rule, the movement believes that whites are the true chosen people of God, that Jews are the descendants of Satan and that people of color do not possess souls. It reviles homosexuality and opposes abortion as a Jewish plot to reduce the white population.