Acham - the demon of Thursday.

Alocer - demon in astrology.

Any - the presiding demon of Hell.

Anamalech - the demon of bad news.

Andras - the demon of discord.

Aquiel - the demon of Sunday.

Arachula - evil spirit in the air.

Ardad - demon that leads travelers astray.

Ascaroth - demon of spies and informers.

Astaroth - one of the Chief Devils, sometimes spelled as Ashtaroth.

Baal - one of the Great Demons. Also given as Baalim.

Bechard - the demon of tempests.

Bechet - the demon of Friday.

Behemoth - the demon of animal strength.

Belial - demon of the Sidonians.

Beelzebub - one of the Princes of Hell. Also given as Beelzeboul.

Bucon - the demon of Hatred.

Byleth - one of the Kings of Hell.

Cheitan - demon born of Smoke.

Lagasse - demon of Hypocrisy.

Lanithro - demon of the air.

Lucifer - "Light-bearer."

Mastiphal - one of the Princes of Darkness.

Tenebrion - Spirit of Darkness.