The Benefits of Blasphemy

This is addressed to those who have been raised in a Xtian home and now reject the views handed to them. This is for those who struggle with Xtian programming and mind manipulation. This is for all humanity ultimately, for we can no longer afford ourselves the option of ignorance. The Xtian religion has succeeded for centuries in benumbing the natural tendencies of man and causing social diseases of the most wretched kind. The age of Satan has fully come, and now we rise with stern invasion to destroy the hypocrisy and sickness that is Xtianity. Therefore I would like to focus now on the benefits of Blasphemy.

The "Messe Noir," or Black Mass, has been almost a trade-mark of Satanism for centuries. Even in light of the fact that most descriptions of the rite are complete frauds and/or misrepresentations, what little has been correctly told of it has been unsettlingly accurate. I would like to treat the issue of why the Black Mass is so terrifying to Xtians, but a later essay will have to be reserved for this. For the present I will address why it is so liberating to Satanists. Hopefully more will come to understand the signifigance of this cleansing ritual and learn to use it as a tool and a protection against the enslavers of society who are the true "evil," if such a term has any realistic merit.

When the blueprint for global manipulation was laid out, it most definitely included control of men's minds by force of an eternal threat. It is clear to those who carefully study the nuances of "spiritual" religions that those who formulate them by theology or philosophy have a clear enough grasp of the psychological influences which drive humanity as to enable them with a key to lock up the human psyche within a veritable maze of blinding deception. There is nothing more terrifying to the common man or woman than a threat, whether real or imagined, of an unseen danger which exists in realms utterly beyond ones reach. The creation of such an enemy exists hand-in-hand, necessarily, with the creation of a "divine hero god" who is able to fight the enemy on it's own ground, thus making it essential to please this god to ensure the safety of one's "soul." It remains then for the "adepts" of the "white-light" paths to contend for control of the herd by the articulate use of this blueprint. Denominations arise, sects are formed, each with it's own "pastor" or "Bishop" who assures all of his extraordinary understanding of the unseen realm as well as the promise of victory to those who follow him. In the event that a potential "leader" fails in accomplishing this task, he may then operate under the guise of the cause of human freedom, and let out just enough of the secret to win over as many minds as he can, convincing all that he has "seen the light" and wants to help others by setting up the same blueprint under a different structure. Past orthodoxies have been revived in countless numbers by the use of this method.

From childhood people are taught of the existence of an unseen world, it matters little if there is a specific religion associated with it, the instillment into the mind of the simple belief in it is enough to satisfy the dictum of the "white light adepts." They have for quite some time now been content with this very basic framework with which to work. The battles rage above us, in the "heavens," in the arena of theology and psychology which is not taught to children as it once was. The battle ensues in realms above the understanding of the average person who has been made average with clear intention. The basic framework is programmed into every person in society, molding them into clay for the "adepts" to fight over.

In our western society, a person may grow up never knowing that all of this has happened to him. Those who "don't take," i.e., do not agree with the basic framework, are programmed to be content with their jobs and their general atheism, and to stay out of the way. They may occasionally express this unbelief, but freedom of speech has seen to it that if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, then no opinion is any better than any other, and therefore what a man says is robbed of its intrinsic merit. The idiot's drool carries as much weight as the genius' formulae. All ideas are psychologically fused into one, the one which represents the "moral goodness" of the Xtian adepts, thereby ensuring that even the expressed unbelief furthers their cause insofar as they are "good" enough to let him say it.

The individual who is fortunate enough to see this happening around him is truly unique. He must learn that individuality is his greatest weapon. There is no need to impress the masses, no need to win converts to his way, but he may find himself att odds with himself at times. Even one who has escaped the herd mentality may find it's influence creeping into his life in disguised forms. Because he is forced to interact with the herd, the framework of the system it follows may at times control certain elements of his life. At these times he should robe himself in his magical vestments, enter his ritual chamber, and forcefully remove the unwanted influences. One effective way to do this is the Satanic rite known as the Black Mass, in which the absolute highest expression of the herd is ceremonially dethroned and crushed into the ground. This should be accompanied by the most blatant forms of blasphemy which one can imagine. The rite may vary within certain traditions, but the most common is the corruption and intentional profanement of all that is sacred to Xtianity. In America at least, and certainly in the majority of Europe, since Xtianity is the common way of the herd, this is the case.

It should be needless to say that the Black Mass is by no means the central element of Satanism, there are far more profound rites and practices in which to engage for the furthering of ones goals, but when it is necessary to conduct the Messe Noir, it should not be accompanied by any other ritual. It should stand alone and hold the centermost place at these times. This, of course, does not apply to all. Some may never see the need to conduct the Black Mass at all, and indeed may never need it. This rite is beneficial only for those who require it as a tool of purification and liberation from unwanted social influences.