Animal Sacrifice

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Before we look at possible Satanic practices we will first consider animal slaughters as carried out by other religions and communities:

  • Judaism.
  • Mithraism.
  • Satanism.
  • Judaism

The Jewish law details the methods that are to be used during the ritual slaughtering of animals, known as shechitah. The person who performs the killing in called a shochet. (Shechitah and shochet are both from the Hebrew root, transliterated; shin-chet-tav, which means to kill or eliminate.)

In the Jewish community birds and mammals that are to be eaten are slaughtered according to Jewish law (Deut. 12:21). Jews may not eat animals that died of natural causes (Deut. 14:21) or eat animals killed by other animals. No flaws or diseases must be present in the animals. These restrictions do not apply to fish; only to the flocks and herds (Num. 11:22).

During shechitah the animal is killed with a quick, deep stroke across the throat with a perfectly sharp blade with no nicks or unevenness.

Causes unconsciousness within two seconds

Most painless method known

Causes minimal pain

Ensures rapid draining of the animals blood.

The draining of all the blood is part of the shechitah ritual which is considered necessary by Jewish law. Shechitah is recognized as a humane method of killing an animal, more so than a bullet, which is often an innacurate method, and safer than poison or chemical methods that can leave traces of dangerous chemicals in the meat.

Other ritualistic components are that the shochet who performs the shechitah must not simply be a butcher, he must be well trained in Jewish law, particularly as it relates to kashrut. The Jewish rabbi and the shochet were often the same person in oldern times, or in smaller communities.

In the old testament of the Bible, there are many instances of ritual animal slaughter for non-material gain, ie, for spiritual purposes. It was common practice to slaughter a non-blemished, non-diseased "perfect" animal by slicing exactly down it's center, from head to tail, and then seperating the two halves of the animal by two feet. A pact was then sealed by walking in between the two animals.

There are many occurances of animals being killed, slaughtered and ritualisticly abused for the god portrayed in the Bible, particularily the old testament. However, these are not generally carried out in modern times, they are generally disregarded.


Closely related to Zorostraism, Mithraism was the half-way religion which brought richer ideals of blood sacrifice to Judaism as it mutated, via Paul, into Christianity. See the page on Paul of Tarsus to see how Mithraism affected and formed early Christianity.

In the Persian holy texts, the Avesta, a Messiah will appear at the end of time and bring the triumph of good over evil and make a potion of immortality for mankind from the fat of a great bull mixed with Hamoa juice.

The bull is seen as a symbol of Spring, of rebirth, and a very common carving is of Mithras cleansing himself in the blood of a bull. Ritual killing of bulls and washing in it's blood was believed to be necessary for cleansing, eternal life and salvation. This was followed by a meal of the bulls flesh. Life anew could be created from the flesh and blood of the sacrificed bull.


Why would a Satanist want to slaughter an animal? The Satanist's god is his own person, himself. So, a Satanist would want an animal killed for himself, be it by his own hands or by proxy. Satanists respect life as being much more useful, worthwhile and therefore Satanic whilst it is alive and kicking, and able to benefit us, then when it is dead.

Benefits of an alive animal:

It is able to be tought to do our bidding

It can give us satisfaction, attention and affection on a more simple level than human beings, with less problems.

It is an asset, financially, and can be sold.

If you do not own it, then taking care of it if it is unwell will earn you gratitude from it's owners.

A well trained animals can make people respect it's trainer and keeper.

Disadvantages of killing an animal:

It's owners, if any, will disrespect you.

You may have to dispose of the carcass.

You may suffer the legal consequences of killing it.

The animal now has none of the advantages of a living object, it has become deanimated.

People, in Western society, shun people who are known to "kill animals" for illegit reasons. It can cause you social problems.

Reasons for killing an animal:

For food, if you have the skills to cook it safely.

For clothes, if you have the equipment to prepare it's skin.

For other materials as are required for your own existence, ie, bones for tools.

For self defence, if the animal is a risk.

Psychology: If the animal is in permanent pain, a state of uncurable disease or unrecoverable wounding has occured then it psychologically benefits you to kill it (and you are likely to be free of legal punishment).

Killing by proxy, as efficiently as possible (ie, economics of scale), are seen as the best ways of killing animals for food or material, as they will likely be guaranteed safe to a higher standard than you could personally accomplish.

However, as far as killing animals in the name of Satan goes, the Church of Satan does not require it, and indeed we frown upon it as an act of stupidity. There is no gain in killing an animal for anything other than the reasons listed above. Even if Satan existed as a real person, why on Earth would he want _animals_ sacrificed to him?

Criticism of religious intolerants

Satanists are not expected to, do not see the point, and frown upon animal sacrifice. But, say some, "Even if Satanists do not do that, then they are supporting it by supporting Satanism!"

This is called stupidity. Are Christians promoting animal sacrifice because the Bible contains animals sacrifice? No, they generally, are not. So how can this claim be made of Satanists when animal slaughter is not only missing, but is scorned in our Satanic Bible?

Through history their have been no discoveries of small or large scale, ritualistic or otherwise, killing of animals by Satanists. Some immature youths will cry, "Satan wanted me to!", but this is nothing to do with Satanism. Just because Adolf Hitler was a confirmed member of the Catholic Church does not mean he was a Catholic, and just because someone says "Satan made me do it" doesn't mean they are a Satanist. And in fact, if they are performing animal sacrifices, they are likely not a Satanist.

Dualistic religions do more to promote animal killing, by having it in their holy books, than do Satanists. In fact, the only place you can find details of how to sacrifice animals is in the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian bible! Perhaps there are some snippets of it in other holy books, such as the Avesta, so let me know if you know of any.