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Articles on magic(k) (

Asiya's Shadows ( - Explores in-depth the symbolism, lore, and magick of the four elements, Sabbats, and Esbats. Includes a Book of Shadows with rituals, God and Goddess info, magickal techniques, correspondences, and commentaries.

Beneath The Hawthorn...Magickal Gifts ( All natural, handcrafted products for your magickal and spiritual journeys

Bonatus Occult- Magick Library ( - Some magick and esoteric texts.

Casa De Sweetalyssm ( - Articles on Witchcraft, Magic Reference Database, Herb Encyclopedia, users permitted to submit articles, downloads, journal, art, photography, tarot and rune readings

Ceremonial Magick Lessons (The Cauldron A Pagan Forum) (

Ceremonial Magic #11 (

Chaos Magick ( - Magick and esoteric resources.

Classics of Magick (

Divine Love Light ( - Professional psychic readings, spell-casting services, magickal supplies, inspirational gifts, articles, link exchange

Egyptian Love Spells ( - Love spells, magick, money spells and egyptian rituals.

Esoteric Archives (

Google Directory - Society Religion and Spirituality Esoteric and Occult Magick (

The Library of Knowledge ( - The Library of Knowledge is the definitive collection of instructions on the Direct Magic casting system. Questions the validity of ritualism and reintroduces classic names to occultism. Many kinds of magick: Black Magic, Celestial Magic, Elemental Magic, Enchanting Healing, Nature Magic, Necromancy, Psi Mage, Satanic Magic and Sorcery. Excellent collection of magick texts.

Liquid Realities ( - Articles on magick and metaphysics.

Living with Magick (

The Magic World ( - "A site about magick, witchcraft, the occult, alchemy, demonology and several other subjects. Many books, spells and rituals included. We also have message board and gallery."

Magickal Grimoires (

Nothing Mundane ( - Magick and divination articles and some magick items: ritual items, ritual kits, tarot cards, candles, incense, herbs, oils.

Omphalos - The Directory and Search Engine for Witchcraft & Paganism (

Pandemonium Lodge ( - Black magick site.

Philip H. Farber's Magick Page ( - occult author and lecturer, Philip H. Farber offers a variety of articles on magick, meditation, hypnosis, entheogens, and more.

Psychonomicon Library (

Ra-Hoor-Khuit Magickal Library (

Real Magick and Occult Archives (

Ritual Magick ( references and articles.

Sacred Magick ( - Library of Esoteric, Occult and Magickal Documents for the Global Community

Saoirse's Grimoire (
Spells and Magic (

The Occult Archive (

Your Magick Spells ( - "magick spells to realize all your heart's desires."