Genyornis newtoni


Lived: 1,600,000- 40,000 years ago (Pleistocene)

Size: Height: 2m tall

Description: Genyornis was the last of the large flightless thunder birds. It lived in both forest and grassland environments.

Bones of Genyornis have been found with human artefacts, indicating that the last of the thunder birds overlapped with Australia's first people.

Fossils: Skeletons of Genyornis have been found at sites including Lake Callabonna and Naracoorte Caves in South Australia, and Wellington Caves and Cuddie Springs in New South Wales. Eggshell fragments have also been found.

Did you know?: Genyornis swallowed pebbles to help break up its food. Many of these 'gastric stones' have been discovered at fossil sites.