Coelodonta antiquitatis - Wooly Rhino


Coelodonta Antiquitatis - Wooly Rhino

This creature was a huge beast that lived in during the last ice age. The Coelodonta had a massive body and a thick, shaggy coat that protected it against the harsh climate of the tundra and steppe that bordered the great glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere. Coelodonta had a pair of huge horns on its snout that reached lengths of up to 3ft in the largest of males. These creatures were hunted by early humans and they were depicted on the walls of caves in France 30,000 years ago.

TIME - 200 - 25 TYA, Pleistocene epoch.
SIZE - Up to 12ft (3.7m) long and 5.5ft (1.7m) at the shoulder.
WEIGHT - Up to 1.2 US tons.

Coelodonta Antiquitatis Illustration (C) Didier Descouens.