Federation of Damanhur

From: http://www.damanhur.org/info/html/philosophy.htm

According to Damanhur's philosophy, every human being is an active part of a spiritual eco-system which includes larger and larger Forces. Every individual shares an original divine nature, that expresses itself as potentialities to be re-awakened through the expansion of awareness. This process is repeated through several reincarnations towards enlightment.

Art and aesthetic research are at the heart of Damanhur's spiritual path. They are tools capable of giving substance to the hallowing of time and space that now finds concrete expression in the Temples of Humankind. The sacred in Damanhur is a concrete reality, created by sharing, by the offer of everybody's creativity, and by the strength of the realization of common ideals.

Damanhur is a way of living and thinking based on experimentation, play and transformation in order to overcome limiting habits and open up to new empowering visions of reality. Research is very important in all fields - from the social context to alternative energies, from the arts to physics.

At this point in time when more and more peoples and races are disappearing, reducing the culture and diversity of all Mankind, Damanhur is creating a new human group with its own artistic, philosophical and cultural expression; a new People based on the exaltation of the differences among individuals, differences made precious and irreplaceable in the pursuit of a common goal.

The choice of establishing Damanhur in Valchiusella - and building the Temples of Humankind there, was not made by accident: The valley presents unique features, both mineralogical - it has the highest concentration of different minerals on the planet - and energetic. Three major Synchronic Lines meet here and intertwine.

The Temples of Humankind follow the flow of the lines and are an initiation path, the ritualised reproduction of the inner rooms of every human being. Walking through the halls and corridors is an immersion inside oneself, a path towards the re-awakening of the human being.

The Temples celebrate human creativity, the history of Humankind and the esoteric knowledge. They represent the fruit of over twenty-five years of spiritual research in Damanhur. As in the Renaissance, the building of the Temples has given birth to new activities and art laboratories. While working on this collective artistic expression, Damanhur's society has grown, refining itself and creating a base for its culture, myths and tradition.

Oberto Airaudi is Damanhur's inspiration and guide in this spiritual project. He is one of Damanhur's founder members and still lives and works in the Federation.