Association of Universal Philosophy

"What is universal philosophy? How did an association begin?

Webster's dictionary defines universal as used or understood by all;
an entity(s) which can be in many places at the same time, throughout the universe.
Philos is loving, dear.
Sophy is skill, wisdom.

To "associate" is to connect or bring into relation;
to keep company; to unite, combine; to enter into union.
Association is...suggested by or connected with
something other than itself;
an organization of people with a common purpose
and having a formal structure.

The Association of Universal Philosophy is an association of God, by whatever name you may know the Creator -- the spiritual messengers of God He sends to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah -- and people of all faiths, religions, beliefs, and colors, who choose to join with them and prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah within their hearts, and then give this gift to others in the same love it was given to them.

On April 3, 1970, spiritual messengers of God came to this earth -- to a town named Globe, Arizona, to enter into a man named Ray Elkins and speak. They called their coming, or gift, or knowledge the "spiritual philosophy of God." Soon they suggested the word, "association," be placed in front of it, and asked that a club or church be formed, saying "permanent records" of their messages "must be kept."

December 18, 1974, the spiritual messengers of God suggested the name be changed to, "the association of universal philosophy."

And so it was, the Association of Universal Philosophy came into being.
It is an association of all of this, in the fullest sense of the meaning.

"We give this knowledge so that man, all of man,
would know of the love of our Father,
and by knowing of the love our Father has to give,
of the tears our Father sheds, that all men of all religions
should come to our Father together in peace and love."

Spoken by spiritual messengers of God on July 15, 1970

"The spirit was left that it may flow through all mankind.
"We have come but for one purpose,
and that is the preparation for
the coming of the Messiah.
And we say unto you,
all of you,
open your door that we might enter,
and therefore,
there can be a place prepared
within each of you for his coming.

To listen to the actual voice,
as the spiritual messengers of God speak these words,
click on the star:


"But from a mother's womb, so shall he be born...."
Spoken by the spiritual messengers of God, December 29, 1972

"Let new birth come into you.
Let it be born in you. And each day as you arise,
let it become a new day and a new world.
And as you close your eyes at night,
thank the Lord that He has placed you at this time where you are,
in the time of the preparation of the coming of the Messiah....
"Let it (the Spirit) reach unto all religions of all faiths."

Spiritual messengers of God, December 8, 1978