The Theory of Evolution

A Unique Deception in the History of the World



The way that for 150 years certain people have been devoted to such an extraordinarily illogical belief as the theory of evolution is a great miracle created by God by making use of Satan. Those with good sense and faith in God and who are aware of this miracle have been waiting for 150 years to see just when evolutionists would become aware of this deception of Satan's, and have been using various means of suggestion, employing scientific and rational methods, to awaken them.

The way that hundreds of thousands of professors, scientists, university students and doctors have blindly believed in the exceptionally illogical claims of the theory of evolution is a historical phenomenon that will be remembered with astonishment in no more than 20 years, and will be the subject of jokes and sketches.

Believers in evolution fall under the spell of the Latin terminology and pompous language employed by evolutionist scientists, saying, "whatever they say must be true," and do not think about the real meaning of what they are told. One of the most effective ways of getting these people to think is to explain what the theory of evolution actually maintains in a very clear and simple manner, and thus to remove the spell under which they have fallen.

The Claims of the Theory of Evolution Are a Complete Violation of Reason and Logic

According to the unscientific and irrational claim of the theory of evolution, the nothingness in the infinite universe gradually gave rise to mankind as a result of chance developments. According to this utterly unbelievable theory, first dust, then soil, stones, waters, mountains and oceans came spontaneously into being in this nothingness devoid of anything of the sort. Later, certain atoms in the mixtures of these came together by chance and brought into being such elements as calcium, phosphorus and carbon. Over millions of years these lifeless elements, completely lacking in intellect, memory, knowledge and consciousness, turned into human beings able to breathe, speak, think, rejoice and mourn, possessed of a soul and memory, with the intelligence, knowledge and consciousness necessary to invent things, and capable of writing libraries full of books. In other words, under the effects of coincidence over billions of years, accumulations of dust, soil and mud turned into human beings of flesh, blood and soul, capable of building extraordinary factories and producing the latest model of cars in them, of establishing space stations, of constructing palaces, and making marvels of art. To believe that stone and soil could one day turn into human beings as the result of chance is even more irrational and illogical than believing in fairy tales. Not even children would believe such a tale.

If evolutionists are sincere in these claims of theirs, then according to those claims there should be no reason why this so-called evolution should not happen again. They could go, for instance, to the largest swamp in the world and expect to see a palace built there billions of years later. Let them sit by that swamp and see whether a human being to build palaces will emerge from the rocks, stones and mud there. Will even a single living cell come into being, let alone a human being? In order to help coincidences along, let them even fill the swamp up with as much carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, magnesium and oxygen necessary for a living cell.

It will be absolutely out of the question for a single living cell to emerge spontaneously from there. Even a single living cell is extraordinarily complex, containing; power stations to produce energy; factories that produce the enzymes and hormones essential for life; a data bank containing information regarding all the products to be produced; complex transportation systems to carry raw materials and products from one region to another; pipelines; advanced laboratories and refineries to break down the raw materials brought in from outside into useful components; and specialized cell membrane proteins that control the entry into and departure from the cell of various substances. This is the most simple and superficial description of a cell. Just one single feature of the cell is sufficiently complex and magnificent to fill many volumes.

Could chance produce such an organized system from that mud? Can chance make that smallest organized system increasingly complex and produce an entity such as a human being? Can chance teach a monkey to speak, to make compliments, to think, to build palaces, to found civilizations and nations, to build ships and discover continents, to set up laboratories or to perform experiments by investigating the cells that comprise them? What coincidence can endow an ape with a soul? The answer to each one of these questions is very clear and definite: chance can produce neither a human being nor the cell, the smallest component thereof.

Since evolutionists believe in this impossibility, then let them take a suitable amount of mud and wait for it to construct palaces, produce the latest model Jaguar, or build bridges. Let them wait for that mud to produce, spontaneously, first a single cell, then amoeba, fish, lizards, horses, apes and finally human beings. Then let them watch those human beings design cars, make discoveries and found civilizations. In fact, even the most dyed in the wool evolutionist knows this can never happen, but they imagine that by making this claim together with Latin terms and a weighty style it somehow becomes credible.

To believe that all the living things we see on Earth, the flowers with their matchless beauty, fruits, flavors, butterflies, gazelles, rabbits, panthers, birds, and billions of human beings with their different appearances, the cities built by these human beings, the buildings they construct, and bridges all came about by chance from a collection of mud, means taking leave of one's senses. The fact that large numbers of people believe in such nonsense in no way legitimizes it; on the contrary, it shows that we are looking at a miracle. A miracle took place 150 years ago, when an old man with an amateur interest in biology began to bring a huge mass of people under his influence with the senseless ideas he produced from his imagination during a sea voyage. The fact that so many people were taken in by these nonsensical claims like a spell is a great miracle of God. In the Qur'an God reveals that some people will believe in the impossible and be taken in by nonsense, though they will be unaware of the fact.

The Theory of Evolution Is a Deception of Satan, and Satan's Deception Is Weak

God reveals in the Qur'an that Satan has vowed to turn people away from the true path, to deceive them, to make them believe in nonsense and perversions, and set snares for them:

"I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle's ears. I will command them and they will change God's creation." Anyone who takes Satan as his protector in place of God has clearly lost everything. He makes promises to them and fills them with false hopes. But what Satan promises them is nothing but delusion. (Qur'an, 4:119-120)

When we read that in past civilizations some people worshipped fire or idols made of stone, and took the Sun or Moon as their gods, we are astounded that people could have believed in such things. These people, as revealed in the verses, are taken in by unbelievable nonsense at the prompting of Satan and imagine, as if laboring under a spell, that the most irrational and illogical things are really true. Satan, by God's leave and with the means He gave him of course, has assumed the task of deceiving those who do not believe in God, making them do insane things, making them believe in false things instead of God and portraying, by means of deception, these things as reasonable and legitimate. The theory of evolution is just such a vehicle that Satan has been employing for the last 150 years. In addition he has turned this vehicle into a most potent weapon by concealing it under the name of something that people have the greatest confidence in - science. Those who are taken in by Satan's deceptions, albeit unawares, even professors, rectors, teachers and doctors, come to believe the most incredible things that even children would not.

However, that weapon of Satan is only effective against weak people, those with no faith. Sincere, devout individuals are never affected by it, and perceive Satan's deception in all clarity. In the verse, "Satan's scheming is always feeble" (Qur'an, 4:76), God has revealed that Satan's deceptions are weak. In another verse God reveals that Satan says he will never be able to mislead His sincere servants (Qur'an, 15:39-40).

As is revealed in the verses, by God's leave, Satan's deceptions are powerless against sincere servants. In the same way that the faithful are unaffected by Satan's snares, they also foil him by revealing his deceptions.

It is easy to free oneself from Satan's snares. All one has to do is to think honestly. Anyone who thinks honestly will see that the claims of the theory of evolution are untrue. Evolutionists, too, would see this manifest truth if they could free themselves from the effect of their own circles, their concerns to the effect that "If I say I do not believe in evolution what will my colleagues think of me?" and will cease to believe in such an impossible scenario as evolution. In one verse God reveals:

As for those who guard against evil, when they are bothered by visitors from Satan, they remember and immediately see clearly. (Qur'an, 7:201)