What does Swastika Symbol means?

From: http://www.indiayogi.com/content/symbolism/

A very famous solar symbol that has been used for luck and auspiciousness in India for millennia - and then Hitler got hold of it, reversed it, rotated it off its central axis and made it a hated and feared emblem of evil. There could be no greater irony and it is time the swastika was rescued and restored to its true stature.

The word is derived from ’su vasti’ and means ’the essence of everything good’, a far cry indeed from the appalling perversion to which Nazi idiots twisted it. The swastika is common to the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions equally; it was an Indian cultural archetypal symbol, not a sectarian mark. Hence its power and hence the disastrous energies released when it was reversed. A reversed swastika is used only on special occasions when there is some necessary clearing of Psychic clutter to be done and even then it is dangerous to keep it active for too long. The Nazis not only reversed it they tilted it and then put it in Tantrik colors. They were guaranteeing their own demise with such monkeying around with archetypes. The swastika however is a very pure and auspicious symbol in essence, a bringer of luck and fortune and it should not get a bad reputation because of some historical distortions.