The Book of the Wars of the Lord


Next, we have the Book of the Wars of the Lord (or Yahweh). This book is made mention of in Numbers 21:14-15 as the Israelites camped just outside the border of Moab. The author of Numbers (Moses) quotes a saying from the Book of the Wars of the Lord:

“...Waheb in Suphah and the ravines, the Arnon and the slopes of the ravines that lead to the site of Ar and lie along the border of Moab.” (Numbers 21:14-15)

Although there is no existing record of the Book of the Wars of the Lord, most likely, it was a compilation of victory songs and/or poems. This too could be assumed was put to music as well. Dr. Lightfoot suggests that this is a “book of rememberances and directions written by Moses for Joshua’s private instruction for the management of the wars proceeding him. (See Exodus 17:14-16).”(5) Dr. Lightfoot continues to explain how the Book of Jasher and this book might be one and the same.