'Miracle' water from murky well

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Nov 15, 2007

PASIR PUTIH: Residents here have been abuzz over a well which contains water that some claim has healing powers.

They swear that the well, dug 26 years ago by the local council near the town's wet market, had once contained murky water full of rubbish thrown by irresponsible people.

But, on Thursday, a "white light" shone from the well and the water turned crystal clear and also emitted a sweet fragrance.

Hundreds of people, some from as far away as Jertih, Terengganu, have come to see the "phenomenon".

Many take a sip of the water, while others bring buckets and bottles to fill up so they can bathe with it.

Fishmonger Baharum Mamat, 55, said people usually ignored the well before the incident.

"In the past, water from the well was reddish in colour and had a foul smell. Many would not even go near the well.

"Now, you can even drink it straight from the well without boiling the water first," he said.

The New Straits Times visited the area yesterday and saw people still crowding around the well.

A sample of the water was taken. It was clear with a slight, sweet scent.

Trader Basri Hashim, 50, said he was performing the subuh prayers at a nearby surau on the day of the incident when the congregation caught a whiff of the fragrance.

"After completing the prayers, many heard the sound of water gushing in the well. We went and saw that the water was clean and clear," he said.

It is understood that Pasir Putih district health officers have taken samples of the water for tests.