The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

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by Philip Gardiner, best selling author of The Shining Ones, The Serpent Grail, Proof - Does God Exist? and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, also member of The Book of THoTH Website.

The Da Vinci Code and the madness that surrounds it is indicative of one thing – the fact that in the 21st century mankind is still in the dark about a great many things.

We may have sent rockets into space; we may be able to develop nano-technology and we can even heat up food with micro-wave radiation, but we are still no closer to the truth about our own religions and the secretive organisations that surround them.

The most powerful of them all is of course the Catholic Church and it is this Empire building religion that lies at the heart of the book. To begin with we do need to take a look at the claims made in the Da Vinci Code in relationship to the Holy Grail in-order to understand what the reality of the matter really is.

The Da Vinci Code Fiasco

One question regarding the Holy Grail that the early medieval writers asked was "who does it serve?" Well, let’s have a look at the current Grail world and see if it is serving us, or are we serving it?

Very briefly and for those among us who have been on the planet Sanity for the last few of years, the Da Vinci Code is a fiction based around a man who discovers a code that reveals the true identity of the Holy Grail to be nothing more than the very bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Unfortunately the author, Dan Brown, claimed his now infamous book to be based upon real factual organisations and events. This however could not be farther from the truth.

Lets take it apart starting with the:

Priory of Sion

This supposedly ancient and enigmatic group allegedly once had Leonardo da Vinci himself as a Grand Master, not to mention several other notables such as Nicolas Flamel and Isaac Newton. However, there is no truth in it at all. Sion was the name of a hill nearby the residences of Pierre Plantard and Gerade de Sede – two of the original creators of the Priory of Sion hoax.

The documents of the Priory secreted in the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris have been proven to be forgeries. In fact the only truthful copies of anything for Mr Plantard in the Paris Library are newsletters from the 1950’s for a rather boring housing association, complaining about the state of the streets, and even this is in extremely poor French.

All the instigators of this surrealist hoax have admitted their creation on record. On the one hand they said it was a surrealist joke and on the other a kind of egotistical ploy to be accepted by society. And yet the world still goes mad with every new bloodline myth.

Sang Real

One of the main pieces of evidence for the books about the bloodline of Christ, from Holy Blood, Holy Grail to The Templar Revelation has been the interpretation of the original term used for the Holy Grail - San Graal. In the 80’s book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent et al, we find that they interpret this differently, placing the g from graal onto the end of san, making sang real. This then translates as royal or holy blood. Mistaking a simple error by a 15th century writer - the only ever time the error was made until the 1980’s - they based an entire theory upon something that was simply not true. Sir Walter Skeat, one of the greatest etymologists England has ever created even said a hundred years ago that this error was "very early falsified" and for what ends he did not know. He pointed out that in fact the original concept meant mixing bowl, which of course relates entirely with the theory I put forward in The Serpent Grail.

Leonardo da Vinci

So, now that we know the true etymology of san graal and that the Priory of Sion never in fact existed, we should also know that Leonardo could not have been a grand master of a none existing order that protected a secret that also didn‘t exist.

In fact, all the historical background and information on Leonardo reveals that he was a skilled and wonderful artist - so no great revelation there then.

However, there are those strange elements of his paintings, which the Da Vinci Code and others pick up on. Take the female looking character in the Last Supper for instance. Many have pointed to the fact that this individual looks remarkably feminine. Well, he does. Others have pointed to the Mona Lisa as being not quite feminine enough and that surely the sitter must have been a boy. Using these assumptions many have claimed that Leonardo was therefore homosexual. It is more and more amusing by the day just how far this rubber band can be stretched, before it comes hurtling back and hits somebody in the face.

So what is the truth? Is that a lady in the Last Supper? No.

There was a tradition of painting the disciple that Christ loved, John the Evangelist, as a slightly boyish individual, thereby bringing questions to the mind of many as to whether Jesus himself was gay. In fact I discovered this to be part of an ancient Gnostic tradition whereby the two Johns, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, were two sides to the duality – male and female, positive and negative, which needed to be rejoined in-order to be complete. Therefore John the Evangelist was perceived as the feminine principle in this relation, whereas John the Baptist was the manly bearded wild figure.

It was also part of the hidden tradition of the painter’s guild of the time to include androgynous elements within their paintings for this very reason. This androgynous element is there as a symbol of the the union of opposites mentioned before, of man and woman, of male and female, of the two sides of our mind which need bringing into union once again to form the perfect human.

Did Jesus and Mary marry and have children?

Who would have thought that such a simple question would raise such a controversy and even be taken seriously? To answer this one we need to break it down.

Firstly, if Jesus married Mary Magdalene then we have to admit that Jesus and Mary existed in the first place. Although we have a substantial amount of textual evidence for these biblical characters, this is due to the sheer amount of copying being carried out hundreds of years after the supposed event. We have no actual texts naming either character from the period, most of the texts date hundreds of years after.

Even if we do admit that these people were real, then we would have to admit that Jesus did walk on water, cast out demons into pigs and die and resurrect. That, or we would have another option: That the character of Jesus, just like that of Robin Hood and King Arthur, was based upon a real man somewhere and all the extra mythical and mystical elements were added into the story. Just as Robin married Marion (Mary) and Arthur married Guinevere, so too in this way - that is mythical - Jesus may have married Mary - even though there is no textual evidence for this.

Both Marion and Mary are the same and imply water and wisdom. Guinevere comes from similar roots especially as the queen of heaven, which was a title for Mary the Mother of Jesus and Isis the Mother of Horus- and as many scholars have pointed out the two Mary’s may in fact be amalgamations of a much older myth.

Guinevere is also the ‘queen of serpents’ and therefore knowledge and wisdom and her name is related in etymology to Eve which means female serpent and is an indication of wisdom.

Just as the early Christian church was forming groups such as the Gnostic Ophites or serpent worshippers, raising their communion cup to the good serpent they were also splitting the threefold mother goddess - Mary - into distinct parts. First the Mother Mary, then the Sister Mary and then Mary Magdalene, a mysterious element and we shall see why.

Mary the mother is Isis the mother of Horus. As Horus is the son and in fact reincarnation of Osiris, so Isis or Mary is also his sister and lover. She is all three, the feminine trinity. Mary Magdalene therefore is the hidden lover of Jesus who is both God and the Son of God, just like Horus. And all of this mystery tradition relates back to the ancient serpent cult as Isis, Osiris and Horus had strong associations with the creative, wise and immortal serpent. The same feminine trinity can in fact also be found in Celtic myth and even India with Kali.

Jesus was eventually likened to the Mosaic "brazen serpent in the wilderness" and imaged hundreds of times as a serpent upon the cross. Here we have that parallel with Arthur, whose name, Pendragon, means "head serpent" or "head of the serpent."

Now that we can see with just these few examples there is a real code afoot. An ancient code going right back into ancient Egypt and beyond, through Osiris and Isis and to Enki and Ninkhursag in Sumeria and Mesopotamia who were known themselves as serpent priests or doctors.

But what is this code telling us?

Simply that in-order to give birth to our own messiah or anointing, or in-order to save ourselves, we need to be in union with wisdom, which is symbolized as both water and the serpent - hence Arthur Pendragon and his wife the Queen of Serpents, or the early Enki and Ninkhursag, who were serpent deities or Shining Ones and were therefore symbols of enlightenment.

As God was upon the face of the waters of the deep in Genesis, so too must we submerge ourselves in wisdom in-order to bring about the divine creation within us.

So, now we understand that Jesus and Mary in union could be a metaphor or indeed a copy of this ancient system, what are we left with?

The truth of the Da Vinci Code is in fact more real than people know. Jesus and Mary did marry, in the Gnostic sense and not the literal sense. They did spawn a child and he was known simply as Gnosis. However, the evil twin brother known as Catholicism tried to wipe him out, like Set tried to destroy Osiris, or Mordred killed Arthur or the Sheriff of Nottingham killed Robin. In the end Set, Mordred and the Sheriff were themselves brought down, so what will be the verdict on the Catholic Church?

This hidden truth behind the veil of the literal Christianity hides the real truth of the Holy Grail, that it, like alchemy, is a work on the self. The question now is, who does it serve?

Well, one thing we do know, the organisations spoken of in the Da Vinci Code, such as the Jesuits and the Opus Dei, have indeed tried to keep this self empowering truth from mankind. The reason for this is simple, with the knowledge of our own god-head we no longer need a priest or a church and so they lose wealth and power. Let’s take a look at some of these organisations and see just what they have been up to.

The Society of Jesus or Jesuits was founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola and since then has grown from the original seven to nearly 30000 members who work out of nearly 2000 houses in over 100 countries. According to J. Parnell McCarter in his Puritan News Service, Ignatius was himself a Gnostic illuminist – a member of the Alumbrados of Spain, his home. These Alumbrados were quite simply the Spanish version of the infamous Illuminati – bringing full circle the Jesuits being created by an Illuminati and then going on to create an Illuminati. All of this was occurring at the same time as the rise in Freemasonic thought.

What is known about Ignatius is that he was a Spanish Basque soldier who then supposedly underwent an extraordinary conversion while recuperating from a broken leg. His experiences were written down and he called them Spiritual Exercises, going on later to found the Society of Jesus or Jesuits with the approval of Pope Paul III in 1540. Strangely upon the printing of his Spiritual Exercises in 1548 he was brought before the Inquisition, but was later released.

According to the Catholic Church the Jesuits have become renowned for their sanctity, which basically means that they have had many members Canonised or Blessed. They have been involved in many scientific discoveries and in the exploration or indeed exploitation of the New World.

From the start the Pope was overwhelmed with the Jesuit service, becoming his secret police, collector of information and general bully-boys, much akin to the history of the Alumbrados (Illuminated Ones.) On the face of it the Jesuits were opening schools, making amazing discoveries and sending missionaries out across the world. In fact it is claimed by the Catholic Church that no Order has ever had so many martyrs. However all this reveals is simply how far they pushed and how close to danger they always were. Stamping out a culture or pagan religion often brings dangers and martyrdom.

The skill of Ignatius Loyola was in the gathering around him of an energetic band of well-educated and determined men. Ignatius had the concept of supplying the Church with missionaries such as Francis Xavier, who would preach and administer the sacraments, whilst growing the Church’s membership and gathering huge amounts of information.

Ignatius soon discovered that colleges and universities offered the greatest service to the church, for by and through religious instruction, the Jesuits could manipulate the thinkers in addition to the masses manipulated in church on a Sunday.

These Jesuit schools of learning sprang up everywhere and became an influential part of Catholic reform called "a rebirth of the infant church". So influential were the Jesuits that they threatened the Royalty and they were "asked to leave" several countries.

To see just how influential the Jesuits have been we need to look at what the Catholic Church claim on their behalf.

By 1750, 30 of the world’s 130 astronomical observatories were run by Jesuit astronomers and indeed 35 lunar craters have been named to honour Jesuit scientists.

The "Gregorian" Calendar instigated by the Jesuit Christopher Clavius, sometimes called the "most influential teacher of the Renaissance".

Ferdinand Verbiest, a Jesuit, worked out the Russo-Chinese border and according to the Catholics until recent times no foreign name was as well known in China as the Jesuit Matteo Ricci, "Li-ma-teu".

Five of the major rivers of the world were first charted by Jesuit explorers; two of the statues in the Washington are Jesuits; the Jesuits founded Sao Paulo; Spanish Jesuits built settlements in Paraguay which lasted from 1607 to 1767; they taught agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, farming, music, ranching and printing to the indigenous people of each country the occupied – how better to build wealth.

In 1773 Pope Clement XIV yielded to Bourbon pressure and reduced the power of the Jesuits on the surface. The Jesuits followed orders and disbanded temporarily until 1814 when they were brought back together again. Like the Knights Templar before them the Jesuits simply assumed other roles. As if to prove that the Jesuits were ultimately obedient to the Pope in 1590 Pope Sixtus V wanted to take out the name Jesus from the official name of the society, to which the Jesuits duly complied – although Sixtus then surprisingly died – the questions arise who killed him and does this really show obedience to the Pope?

Today the Jesuits are back in force, with schools, colleges and universities across the world. At any one time they are educating over half a million people. Ex-President Mitterand of France was himself a Jesuit and it was he who instigated the infamous pyramid of light at the Louvre in Paris.

There is a subtle undercurrent running beneath the cover of this Catholic Order – it is a current of illumination now bastardised as a secret truth and hidden from our eyes by the clever manipulating of religion for the masses. But they also have links in the world of commerce and politics.