Tibetans challenge China over reincarnation law

From: http://www.paranormalreview.com/news/tabid/59/newsid368/121/tibetans-challenge-china-over-reincarnation-law/default.aspx

Oct 01, 2007

DHARAMSALA, INDIA. The democratically-elected Tibetan government-in-exile (TGIE) has challenged China over a new law designed to limit Tibetan Buddhism’s role in identifying reincarnated lamas.

Its purpose is to ensure that future “reincarnations” of “Living Buddhas” – such as the Dalai and Panchen Lamas – are puppets of the Chinese Communist Party rather than independent individuals who support Tibet’s political and religious freedom. But the Tibetans are fighting back.

As reported on this website (Death of reincarnation for Buddhist lamas? (http://www.paranormalreview.com/News/tabid/59/newsid368/111/Default.aspx) 8 August), the so-called “Order No 5”, issued by China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs, concerns “Management Measures for the Reincarnation of ‘Living Buddhas’ in Tibetan Buddhism.”

But the Tibetan parliament, which sees this as yet another attempt to destroy its culture, has passed a resolution appealing to the entire international community to help nullify the law.

The Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies (ATPD), in its second annual session, introduced a Bill opposing Order No 5, issued a press statement (28 September) which provides eight reasons why the Order should be fought. It can be read in full here (http://www.tibet.net/en/prelease/2007/020907.html).

There are followers of Tibetan Buddhism in many countries, not just in Tibet, and that alone should be a reason for denying China its desire to control the process of choosing leading lamas that has traditionally been conducted by the religion’s leaders.

The Tibetans point out that freedom of religious belief is supposed to be part of China’s constitution.