Indonesian Ghosts


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This is a ghost of infant boys (like Casper, but this one not funny, able to floats and invisible) . He is usually kept by a man tasked to stealing moneys.

Until today some people in my country still believe it exists (I don't).



The ghost of woman, died during her delivering process, has a hole in her stomach.

She's wandering looking for her son, which means young men in the real world.



A legendary mystical process in Bali, someone can transform him/herself into another thing (animal, building, tree or other things).

In this modern age people can transorm into a car, computer, even airplane.

The person with the greatest skill can transform into Rangga, a form of demon.



Or Genie in western. The myth about this ghost, came from Arabianculture.

It's hard to believe, but some people in my country still believe this, too.

Some people buy a Jin for their protector, from businessman to parliament member.

Pocong The ghost in white hood, hopping, usually found in graveyard.