Timeline of Incas

1000 A.D.

  • Incas migrate to Peru from the Andes (c. 1200 A.D.)
  • Incan Empire expands from northern Ecuador to Chile (c. 1300 A.D.)
  • Inca Rocca founds Henan Cuzco dynasty (c. 1350 A.D.)
  • expansion of the Inca empire begins under Pachacuti (c. 1438 A.D.)
  • Huayna Capac dies and divides his empire between his two sons, Atahuallpa and Huascar (1523 A.D.)
  • civil war wages between Atahuallpa and Huascar (1525-1532 A.D.)
  • Atahuallpa defeats Huascar (1532 A.D.)
  • Spaniards, led by Francisco Pizarro, capture Atahuallpa (1532 A.D.)
  • Atahuallpa is executed (1533 A.D.)
  • Manco is appointed as a puppet ruler of the Inca by Pizarro (1533 A.D.)
  • Manco rebels and drives the Spanish from Cuzco (1536 A.D.)