The Gods of the Celts

The Morrigan
The ultimate Lady of War composed of the three sisters Neiman(frenzy), Macha(the crow) and Badb(the raven). She was the red-haired Phantom Queen who presided over battles and often took part in them herself, shapeshifting as she saw fit. Call on The Morrigan to see you through a difficult time.
Daughter of the Daghda and the personification of The Triple Goddess representing the maiden, mother and crone. She is associated with poetry, fire, and childbirth. The maiden aspect of Brigid is celebrated at Imbolc, (Feb. 2), when we welcome back the goddess after her winter's sleep.
Goddess of the Full Moon and reincarnation
The Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess created from the flowers of the field as the wife for Lugh. She was changed into an owl for plotting the death of her consort. She is known as Flower Face or White Flower.
The Calliech
The destroyer aspect of The Triple Goddess
She who brews the greal of inspiration and knowledge in her cauldron. As personified by the waning moon she is known as the white, corpse eating sow who both gives and takes away life.
The horse goddess who brings dreams and carries the messages of those who invoke her. As the morning sun rises, she rides her steed west to avoid the approaching rays.
The Daghda
The omnipotent, all powerful father god of the Celts. His club could kill a man with one end and revive him with the other. He was the father of Brigid.
The Shining one who represents the battle between light and dark, good and evil. Lugh was god of the sun and the Sabbat of Lughnasdh (Aug. 1) is held in his honor.
The god of vegetation, fertility, the underworld and woodland creatures. He is the consort of The Great Mother