Types of Magick

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The Practice Of Magick

Magick is simply the use of energy within us and available in nature. Everyone can produce magick. There are different kinds of magick and some people are better at one type of magick then another. Whatever type of magick you practice, the more you are aware of your psychic energy and the use of energy flows and the more you practice, the better you become and the more effective the magick will be.

People can produce magick and never realize it, for example the sayings, "always think positive" or "be careful what you wish for". What we truly want will always manifest itself into reality. Magick works on the subconconscious level and our environment is always changing to match our perceived reality. These changes are subtle, but one who is attuned to their psychic energy will be aware of it and realize why spells they performed worked or did not work or had a completely different reaction. Its because our true will always be expressed, that is why the saying, "always think positive" is actually helpful and the concept of what you give out comes back to you.

To influence the subconscious to creating even more powerful magick is through suggestions and visualizations. Visualization is extremely important for effective magick. You have to visualize the reality you want or the desired outcome. This visualization is successful when it is performed at least a week before you perform your magick. Our subconscious mind will censor out what it believes should not be in there because it doesn't conform to our beliefs. For example, this is why when a person is hypnotized with the suggestion to physically hurt someone else, the person still will not harm another because it is not perceived as 'right', it does not conform to the persons beliefs. Even under hypnotism, a person cannot do what they do not believe in. In order to penetrate the subconscious mind you must use repetitions of suggestions until it becomes a part of who you are and your model or belief system. Simple chants like, "I will stop smoking" or "I will lose weight", etc. are simple, but effective once they penetrate your subconscious, these chants will 'change' your 'model' or the way you believe about something and bring about positive yet subtle changes. Sigils work the very same way. When sigils are designed by yourself, you are manifesting your energy into the creative symbol and working the concept over and over in your mind until it works by itself on your subconscious level. Since our subconscious is always at work be mindful of your thoughts because your true will and desire will manifest itself and what goes out will come back because any type of magick has a cause and effect.

Types of Magick

Everyone possesses the psychic ability to perform magick. Usually we are better at one kind of magick then another, but with guidance from another we can develop the abilities for another type of magick.

The 3 basic types of magick are:

1. Imitative Magick

drawings, paintings on paper, earth,sand, mud, walls (prehistoric hunting drawings?) of symbolic images representing your goal or an actual picture or drawing of what you want to happen. The object is that if you can draw it and see it then you can make it happen. It`s like drawing what you visualize in your mind. This type of magick is mainly used to inhance your magick, to bring better luck and/ or power to achieve your intended goal.

2. Contagious Magick

The use of a person`s personal belongings, ex. clothing, hair, nails, a shoe, etc.. This type of magick is used mainly for a variety of love spells to darker forms of magick such as the hexes and curses.

3. Sympathetic Magick aka Image Magick

The use of poppets,dolls, sand dolls, earth, mud dolls, corn husk dolls, apple heads, turnip heads, etc.. This type of magick is used mainly for healing believe it or not with the use of herbs stuffed into the doll. Sometimes dolls can be used for love spells where two poppets will be made of the assigned couple. This type of magick is popular amongst African magick, voodoo and hoodoo folk magick practitioners. This kind of magick can be used for healing and love as I said above, but it is popularly known for the use of a black kind of magick where pins and needles are supposed to be stuck in the doll to bring about pain and/or death on another.

Other kinds:

1. Personal Magick - this magick is directed for the self, to help the self. Often working on the subconscious mind alone with repetitive chants, self-hypnosis and visualization. Many people perform this kind of magick on themselves are not aware of it or deny it as magick

2. Active Magick - magick directed out, to bring about a desired event or to affect someone else.

3. Passive Magick - magick directed from out. Events that are caused by a nonphysical cause, such as ESP.

Magick forces are neither good nor 'bad', but are neutral. The different ways of magick make it good or 'bad'.

1. White Magick('good') - Magick performed for unselfish reasons, such as healing and magick always performed with the others permission.

2. Gray Magick - This is the most common type of magick performed. Magick that is usually for self-interest, it brings about a desired outcome that is beneficial for the one performing magick. Often spells can be performed for another without their permission for a desired beneficial outcome. This may fall in the 'black magick' area because the one performing magick does not have the others permission, but because the intent is unselfish it is therefore categorized as 'gray magick.

3. Black Magick ('bad') - Magick for selfish reasons, to do harm to another, control another`s will, and for some people, magick performed without another`s` permission.

The degrees of magick and definitions of 'bad' magick vary with individual beliefs.

Magick is an ability that exists within all of us. Psychic abilities are also an ability we all possess. Just as some of us are better at performing one type of magick than another, some of us are better with a certain type of psychic ability. We can all develop and increase our magick and psychic performance. Magick should not be abused. Magick is not to inflate your ego, for recognition or to gain money. It is performed for change and hopefully for the best. Magick is not supernatural, it is natural. Magick is happening all around us. It is working with the energies in nature and the universe. It is drawing down the spiritual to the physical. It is working with your astral body and subconscious to manifest. It is working with nature which we are all a part of whether you believe this or not. Magick has been performed throughout history and it always will be. As long as someone tells you to blow out your birthday candles and make a wish, magick will be there. When you wish upon a star, that is magick. When you recite a small suggestion or prayer that is magick. When someone lights a candle for another, that is magick. When you wish upon something so strongly with strong emotion and it comes true, that is magick.

To make Magick successful you must have belief before anything else. Visualization second, casting the circle( if that is part of your belief) and banishing for protection 3rd and the ritual 4th. What goes on in your mind is more important then the ritual itself. You can perform the most complex ritual in every detail, but if you have no deep down desire and belief and have not worked on your creative visualization or even have doubts and fears you wont admit to then do not be surprised if the spell is not successful.

Elementals or familiars

These are thought forms manifested for your personal use by worked up emotion to enhance the ritual and spell. These thought forms are taken from your subconscious and have aspects of you, but detached from you. It is something you create through visualization and manifest. You can communicate with your elemental or familiar through telepathy or by talking to it. It will do what you want it to do and what you believe it can do. Because you have manifested it, it now exists. Elementals or Familiars are manifested to perform tasks for you such as : 1) As a watcher or observer to tell you what it sees 2) As a psychic guard 3) Used to help in healing Elementals or Familiars should only be used for working with good magick. If they are manifested for black magick they must be absorbed back into the body. Familiars


Calling up a spiritual entity or God or Goddess during a ritual. These entities or Gods and Goddesses are archetypes from your mind and will hold aspects of yourself as well. You will perceive them the way you perceive them in your mind and culturally portrayed or from a deep desire or belief to see them a certain way. If you want to invoke the Green Man you will perceive an entity with a green aura and with leaves and plants all around it because this is the way the Green Man is portrayed. But, we also add to this entity by giving it other aspects we hold in our mind. Everyone will collectively see the Green Man as green, but the subtle differences as to appearance and character will differ from individual to individual. This technique involves drawing from your subconscious just as it does with manifesting familiars and elementals. It is the drawing energy and creative visualization from your subconscious that is attuned to the astral world. Energy flows from the astral world to the physical world. The mind is a powerful thing and you can manifest anything into a reality. There have all been times when we think we saw something. This may all sound like illusions, but our physical world interacts with the other worlds as well and we are all connected. Invocations

To Keep in Mind

1. There must be a balance with all things magick. The energies you send out will eventually balance themselves out somehow and someway. For example if you want a lover so badly you call for one and then the next month you meet someone and find out later this person is unhealthy for you, but now you cannot get rid of this person. This is because during the spell and visualization, what is "sought' or desired is emphasized more then anything else. To counter this try to be as detailed and specific of your goals, intentions and desires. And be realistic! If you want to bring love into your life then be realistic and do not visualize a Brad Pitt identical twin! Otherwise we would all be walking around with Brad Pitt clones :)

2. Magick does not work instantly as portrayed in movies. There is a waiting period for the energies to work, for cause and effect.

3. Expect side-effects from your spells. Something always happens. Because there is a cause and effect, the effect may produce something a little different from what you expected. This can occur because you have not thought out the desired goal properly and in detail or your true will was other than what you were trying to achieve.

4. If time for a spell takes too long to work then perhaps it was because you had weak beliefs. In this case you can perform the ritual everyday to strengthen the outcome, such as a witches ladder or more creative visualization.

5. If a spell did not work it is probably because of preconceived belief systems, contradictions, or self doubts that interfered.

6. Magick is not evil, strange or supernatural. It occurs all the time around us in nature and during our everyday lives. Some of us are more attuned to it then others and some of us make full use of magick through spells and rituals. Magick is natural and helpful for healing and all sorts of good spells, but it should be performed by those that are healthy in bosy and MIND.