The Magickal Pyramid

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The most important "tools" that should be used in relation to magick are "to will", "to know", "to dare" and "to keep silent". These four "tools" are often referred to as the "Magickal Pyramid".

To Will

The Will of a correctly trained magickal practitioner should be capable of directing their life to their satisfaction and likewise for their higher benefit and that of evolution. In its greater form, the Will should be capable, in rare circumstances, of directing the course of events beyond themselves, eg the environmental destruction (man-made) or in cases of threat, either personal or planetary. In all cases the energy raised is for defence rather than attack.

No magickal tool of a material nature can be charged without the power of the disciplined Will. No circle can be cast, neither can it defend the individual. No elements can be invoked and the Gods, most definitely, remain only the figment of myth.

This list is seemingly endless. Therefore, although initiation may be considered acceptable prior to the development within this work, it is your personal and imperative responsibility to attend to the discipline of your own Will an to consider it as foremost in your self-training.

To Know

Apart from the nature of things that interest you generally, it is important that you accumulate as much knowledge of the diverse nature concerning the occult path as you can, as there is power in knowledge for its own sake. All manner of related subjects can only assist you in your work - things of an anthropological, religious, philosophic nature, works by other occultists, material pertinent to affirm what you learn, ie astrology, numerology, tarot, herbalism and the healing arts in general, mythology, history, etc.

With all the information that you receive it is important that you take time to put the qualities of your own mind into action to enable you to ascertain the difference between what is purely hearsay on the part of the authors concerned. All things are to be analysed and should lead to a balanced viewpoint based on your own judgement.

No knowledge is ever wasted and it is necessary to know enough to trust your own findings. Ignorance is never bless, and all material viewed can only extend your capabilities of Mind. The material you employ that directly affects your magick is to be learnt so that natural flow occurs which allows other factors of a natural kind to enter into your work.

To Dare

Assuming you have done your work with self-training, and begun disciplining of the Will, you will now be in a position to experiment with what you have learned. You may find it beneficial to have all the information at your disposal before you take on the challenge of daring.Having decided to take up a magickal path, you are now to centre your skills on the use of ritual and seek to serve by way of experimenting with the forces around you. Take heed to interfere in no ares that does not personally concern you and where all acts of spellcraft are concerned, do not exceed your own ability - to do so would doom your work to failure and waste power of an astral nature. Say nothing to anyone of your experiment, as that also would doom it to fail.

To Keep Silent

In all things this is a very important and necessary function. Unless you have absolute faith in the person with whom you wish to discuss your path, then say nothing. Personal experience has taught that unless your 'cup is full' you will only deplete what you wish to store by tossing it around, and always remember the world is full of scared, bigoted people.

You should treat your Book of Shadows sacred and not sharing the material with anyone unless they are prepared to follow the same path. After all you are working with the Gods and they will not be profaned.

Remember - never boast, never threaten. Acts of spellcraft are a thankless business due to the very fact that if you discuss them with others they do not come to pass as they are reduced to the boundaries of the mundane. If you tell of them after they have worked few will believe you in this sceptical world anyway. The times you will have acknowledgment of your undertaking will be if you come to find like-minded people but be careful and discerning as there are those who would suck you dry of all you have learned and then leave for the gratification of their own power. There are many who will seek power for the sake of power itself, and they are those who endanger the Goddess and the gifts she bestows.

Therefore, speak not of what you know at all until you become that which you seek to serve.


The Temple of the Dark Moon would like to give credit to "Way of the Goddess" by Ly Warren-Clarke from which the above information has been adapted from.