Hehaka Inazin

From: http://www.star-knowledge.net/

"On a cold winter day in 1995, on a mountain in Wyoming, Hehaka Inazin, Standing Elk a Ihanktowan Dakota, was praying during a four day fast, Hamblecia. He was praying for a blessing and direction through a Star Altar, the Elk way of the Canupa Wakan, (the sacred pipe). Later that night he was visited in Dreamtime by 4 tall, metallic-speaking Orion Star people, Wicahpi Oyate, who showed him a bar with symbolic writings. Receiving instructions telepathically, Standing Elk began a journey that to this day is just beginning.

Later that year at the International UFO conference in Mesquite, Nevada these same star symbols were presented having been discovered on control panels of the Roswell starcraft. Standing Elk, understanding that the symbols interpretation was far incomplete, sought further inspiration from his Vision with the Orions.

Returning to South Dakota, Standing Elk began a series of ceremonies utilizing the Sun Dance Altar of his grandson, Deer Man, and the Inipi (sweat lodge). Soon a spirit teacher named Ista Wanzi, One Eye, emerged from the inner worlds to interpret one by one, ceremony by ceremony 11 Universal and 11 spiritual Laws of Creator - grounding our understanding through a name and a basic understanding. The teachings from these ceremonies were the beginning of the writings of MAKA WICAHPE WICOHAN.

At the first Star Knowledge Conference held in Wagner, SD in June 1996, Standing Elk released the 22 Star Laws of Creator through name and a brief interpretation. He then put out a call for further spiritual inter pre- tation to fully ground the Universal and Spiritual teachings.

Later in the fall of 1996, Standing Elk, Pathfinder, Silverstar and several spiritual teachers held ceremonies through Canupa Wicohan, (the way of the sacred pipe), to bring through the spirit Grandmothers and Grand fathers. The messages of these ceremonies came to represent the Galactic Federations out reach to Earth's peoples. Approximately 70 spirit helpers of Earth, Stars, and Ascended Realms extended their influence to Earth's kingdoms through the 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws and thus created the doorway of Maka Wicahpi Wichohan for the People and all the Relations. "