Anna Hayes


Anna Hayes is an American who has had contact with ET's all of her life. Anna's alien abduction experiences began at the age of four. She was initially abducted by a negative "intruder"' faction of Zeta Reticuli greys because they were interested in harvesting her special encoded genes and were preparing her to become a mind controlled "breeder" of alien hybrids. She was essentially "rescued" from this fate at the age of seven by another group of positive aliens that refer to themselves as members of the Guardian Alliance. For a time, she was being taken by both groups, but gradually the Guardian Alliance taught her how to resist the coersive and manipulative technologies that the negative greys were employing to control her and she was eventurally able to free herself from their domination.

Once she was free from the influence of the negative greys, she was able to concentrate more fully on the education and training she received at the hands of the Guardian Alliance. That "education" spanned a few decades and in 1996, she was told it was time to reveal what she had been taught to the general public, or at least that part of the public that was open to her message. She began by writing two books, Voyagers I: Sleeping Abductees and Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti. These two volumes are part of a much larger planned series of books that will eventaualy run to18 volumes. You can visit this link at to read the Table of Contents from Secrets of Amenti to get an idea of just how much material she covers in this huge 450 page volume. The book is available from Amazon for $18.95, but I preferred to pay a little more and buy it directly from the organization that Anna Hayes is now affiliated with.