Jelaila Starr


"Jelaila is a Nibiruan Council’s messenger, but more importantly she is a mother, wife, teacher, entrepreneur and visionary. After her spiritual awakening experience in 1992, Jelaila worked to heal the emotional wounds of her past and thus began the Spiritual Path.

In December, 1995, Jelaila was awakened to the knowledge of her walk-in. The following January Jelaila began the first phase of her mission, DNA Recoding.

In July 1996, after six successful years with CRN (Creative Referral Networks, Inc., a company she started in 1992, Jelaila felt a calling to change her career focus to a new spiritual and humanitarian field which brought her into alignment with her assignment as a galactic messenger.

In January 1997, Jelaila completed her initial training as a galactic messenger and founded The Nibiruan Council, named after the 12th planet of our solar system, Nibiru. The Nibiruan Council was created to be a vehicle through which Jelaila could publish her writings as a spiritual visionary and messenger of the higher knowledge of our origins as a race, as well as the bigger picture of our galactic and universal history.

This knowledge coupled with Jelaila’s simple, uncomplicated and down-to-earth approach, enables her to reach across the boundaries of belief systems that separate our world, to provide insight, understanding and hope and, more importantly, a concrete formula for self empowerment.

Jelaila’s direct and open manner is refreshing and welcome in this time of complex and often complicated approaches to understanding our world. At this time when many speak of doom and catastrophic change, Jelaila’s is a voice of calm, reason and hope.

Jelaila is living proof that you can be spiritual, happy, healthy and financially successful at the same time. Through her own example and experiences, she provides an alternate way out of the earth systems, while still taking part in the good they have to offer.

Jelaila has authored two books for the Nibiruan Council in addition to other Council information available through booklets, audio tapes, videos and workshops. "