The Eagle and the Serpent: The Pleiadian Connection

Courtesy of The Rising Serpent ( website and Alison Reeves

Rising Serpent Flower Essences are part of a karmic pact which the Pleiadians made with humanity. This Pact to my knowledge was made at the time of Moses. The pact was that during times of repression and darkness in the evolution of humanity, the Pleiadians would hold certain secrets, and these would be given back to us at an appropriate time. Veiled reference is made to this pact in the story of Moses, when he meets the Seven Sisters by a healing well. This takes place after Moses left Egypt for fear of being killed by the Pharoah and went to live in Midian. The Seven Sisters and their Father who is the High Priest Reuel took Moses in.

The pact was made because we were too powerful but had not yet evolved to an evolutionary level in our ability to love and trust in the Great Spirit and live in peace and harmony on earth. Therefore our power had to be taken from us so we would not be able to destroy the earth.

Later on in the same place while the Jews were in slavery to the Egyptians, Moses saw the Burning Bush on Horeb, the Mountain of God. Moses was told to return to Egypt to help the Israelites and was given the 'Rod Of Aaron' to assist him.

At various times and in different eras chosen groups of people have been aware of our connection with the Pleiades. The Cathars and their leaders the Parfaits in France in 1200's were aware of this connection. Historians have noted that the Parfaits at Monsegur appeared to surrender on a particular day at a particular time, as if they had been waiting for an exact moment. Well they were - at the time they surrendered on the 1 March 1244 the ascendant of the birth chart for that moment was on the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. This created a Gateway between our world and theirs where the information or treasure could be transported across time and space. At this exact moment the secrets which the Cathars held, knowing they were going to die, were passed back to the Pleiadians with the promise that they would again be released to us in 2000AD.

One hour later the Moon moved onto the 'Degree of Disaster' in Scorpio as they surrendered to the Inquisitors. The Parfaits and many of their supporters were collectively burned alive on the 16th March 1244 rather than renounce their beliefs. Many of the soldiers who took part decided to die with the Parfaits even though they could have gone free, showing their deep commitment and faith. Interestingly the full moon of the 11 November 2000 was at the 'Degree of Disaster' too.

The Rising Serpent Flower Essences were all made unknowingly by myself on days when Saturn was on the Pleiades in Taurus. Saturn has been traversing across Taurus and Gemini for a number of months now (Nov 2000) since the Star of Bethlehem (Saturn/Jupiter conjunction) in May. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and Taurus represents earth healing.

Much of the knowledge the Cathars held was about healing. This included geometry and the use of sacred shapes to heal the earth and people. The Pentagram is of particular importance. The Parfaits were also using advanced forms of energy healing, where energies could be transferred across time and space. This included the ability to 'shape shift'. When the Parfaits were executed they all turned into doves and flew away. The use of plants for healing was also common. Finally they were very interested in the use of Sound and Music in healing.

Rising Serpent Flower Essences have been offered to us as part of this pact to restore the original DNA structure and consciousness of humanity at this time, and to help us to heal the wounds both to the individual and collective psyche. The 12 strand DNA structure contains the information we need to heal the earth and ourselves, and will give us the ability to do this. As part of our restructuring our glandular system including the Thymus, Pineal and Pituitary glands has started to become active again. This is happening to large numbers of people rather than a select few as in the past. The Rising Serpent essences will help to heal and clear karma and deep wounds paving the way for us to be who we truly are and find our power within. To take our part, without fear, in the evolution of humanity and towards a world of Peace and Love. The essences will also assist the Pleiadians make the necessary DNA changes to us to be able to integrate the new consciousness.