The Function of Pyramids

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QUESTIONER: How does the pyramid shape work?

RA: We are assuming that you wish to know the principle of the shapes, angles, and intersections of the Giza pyramid. In reality, the pyramid shape does no work -- it does not work. It is simply an arrangement for the centralization and diffraction of the spiraling upward light E as it is being used by a soul [in relation to the pyramid].

The spiraling nature of light is such that the magnetic fields of an individual are affected by spiraling energy. Certain shapes offer an echo chamber, or an intensifier for spiraling prana, which is an all-present, primal aspect of the One Infinite Creator.

If one's intention is to intensify one's own will in order to call forth the inner light in order to match the intensification of this spiraling light E, the entity will be placed in the Queen's Chamber position in the Giza pyramid. This is the initiatory place and is the place of resurrection.

The off-set place represents the spiral in motion, and is the appropriate position for one to be healed, as in this position an entity's vibratory magnetic nexi are interrupted in their normal flux. Thus a possibility is created, and a new beginning is offered in which the entity may choose a less distorted, weak, or blocked configuration of energy center magnetic distortions.

The function of the healer and crystal may not be over-emphasized, for this power of interruption needs to be controlled [or directed] with incarnate intelligence. This is the intelligence of the adept which sees E patterns without judgment. The adept can recognize blockages, weakness, and other distortions, and can visualize, through the regularity of their own self and the crystal, the ideal of the less distorted other soul to be healed.

Other shapes which are arched, groined, vaulted, conical, or as your tipis, are also shapes which can perform this kind of intensification of the upward spiraling light. Your caves, being rounded, are also places of power due to their shape.

It is to be noted that these shapes are dangerous. We are quite pleased to have the opportunity to enlarge upon the subject of shapes such as the pyramid for we wish, as part of our honor/duty, to state that there are many wrong uses for such curved shapes. With improper placement, improper intentions, or lack of the crystallized being functioning as a channel for healing, the sensitive entity [to be healer] will become more distorted, rather than less, in some cases.

We also note that your human groups tend to build, for the most part, the cornered or square habitations -- but they do not concentrate power. It is to be further noted that spiritual seekers have, for many of your years, sought the rounded, arched, and peaked forms as an expression of the power of the Creator. [This is the basis for all sacred, or religious architecture] {v. III}

QUESTIONER: What would be an appropriate apex angle for a [pyramid - based] tipi shape?

RA: This is at your discretion. In the principle of circular, rounded, or peaked shapes, the center acts as an invisible inductive coil. Thus the energy patterns are spiraling and circular, and the choice of the most pleasant configuration is yours. Its effect is relatively fixed. {v. III}


QUESTIONER: How was the Giza pyramid used for initiation?

RA: There are two main functions of the pyramid in relation to the initiatory procedures. One has to do with the body. But before the body can be initiated, the mind must be initiated. This is the point at which most adepts of your present cycle find their mind / body / spirit complexes distorted from. When the character and personality that is the true identity of the mind has been discovered, the body then must be known in each and every way. Thus, the various functions of the body need understanding and control with detachment.

The first use of the pyramid, then, is the going down into the pyramid for purposes of deprivation of sensory input so that the body may, in a sense, be dead and another life begin. {v. I}

QUESTIONER: Was the primary healing function of the pyramids, the healing of mind?

RA: This is partially correct. Complete healing, if it is to be effective, must be a funneling of the in-streaming intelligent energy or cosmic power without significant distortion, through the spiritual complex into the tree of mind. There are many parts of the mind which can block energies flowing to the body. In each case, in each entity, the blockage may well differ.

But in any case [regardless of the distortion], it is necessary to activate the spirit energy channel or shuttle. Then, whether the blockage is from spiritual to mental, from mental to physical, or whether it is simply a random and purely physical trauma, healing may then be carried out. {v. I}


RA: The principle of crystal healing is based upon an understanding of the hierarchical nature of the structure of the physical body. (1) There are crystals which work upon the energies coming into the spiritual body; (2) there are crystals which work upon the distortions from spirit to mind; (3) there are crystals which balance the distortions between the mind and the body.

All of these crystal healings are charged through purified channels. Without the relative crystallization of the healer working with the crystal, the crystal will not be properly charged.

The other ingredient is proper alignment with the E fields of your planet, and the holistic or cosmic distortions or in-streamings which enter the planetary aura, in such a manner that an appropriate ratio of shapes [i.e. pyramids & sacred sites] and placement within these shapes [i.e. Giza King's Chamber] is of indicated aid in the untangling or balancing process. {v. IV}


QUESTIONER: How was the Queen's Chamber a place of spiritual initiation?

RA: This question is a large one. We cannot describe initiation in its specific sense, due to our belief and current understanding that the process which we offered [the Egyptians] so many of your years ago, was not a balanced one [thus it was later misused and perverted].

However, you are already aware of the concept of initiation and realize that it demands the centering of the being upon seeking the Creator. [Through this present communication], we have hoped to balance this understanding [of initiation] by speaking the Law of One, that is, that all things are One Creator. Therefore, seeking the Creator is done not just in meditation and in the work of an adept [so-called "initiation"], but can be done in the experience of each moment.

The initiation of the Queen's Chamber involved the abandoning of self to the desire to know the Creator in full, so that the purified in-streaming light could be drawn in a balanced fashion through all of the adept's energy centers, meeting in indigo [R6] and opening the gate to intelligent infinity [R7]. Thus the entity can experience true life or, as your people call it, resurrection. {v. III}


QUESTIONER: It seems to me that once a healer has become properly balanced and unblocked with respect to E centers, it is possible for him to act in some way as a collector and focuser of light in a way analogous to how the pyramid works -- collecting light through the left hand and emitting it through the right. I assume that this would then somehow penetrate the 1st and 7th chakras' vibratory envelopes of the body, and allow for the realignment of the E centers of the person to be healed. Is this correct?

RA: You are correct in your assumption that the crystallized healer is analogous to the pyramid's action at the King's Chamber position. There are a few corrections to your statement we can add.

Firstly, the E which is used [for the healing] is brought into the healer's E field by his outstretched hand used in a polarized sense. However, this E circulates through the various E points to the base of the spine and, to a certain extent, to the feet -- thus coming through the healer's main E centers spiraling through the feet, turning at the red ray center [R1] towards a spiral at the yellow ray center [R3], and passing through the green ray center [R4] in a microcosm of the King's Chamber energy-prana configuration. It then continues for the third spiral through the blue ray [R5] center and is then sent from there through the gateway [R6-7] back to intelligent infinity.

It is from the green ray center that the healing prana moves into the polarized healing right hand and therefrom to the one to be healed.

We may note that there are some healers who use the yellow-ray configuration to transfer E, and while this may be done, its effects are questionable. With regard to the relationship between the healer, the healing E, and the seeker, these effects are questionable because it is likely that the seeker [the one to be healed] will continue to require such E transfers without any true healing taking place when the healer is no longer present. This is because their energy armoring shell is not penetrated by the yellow-ray method [which, however, does occurs with the green-ray method of the crystallized healer, as outlined above]. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Then is there is no value in using pyramids for healing at the present time?

RA: If those who desired to be healers were all of a crystallized nature [achieved adepts] and were all supplicants who sincerely sought to eliminate all personal distortions, the pyramid would be, as always, a carefully designed set of parameters to distribute light and its E to aid in healing.

However, we found that your peoples do not have the desire for purity to a great enough extent to be given this powerful and potentially dangerous gift. We, therefore, suggest that you not use the pyramid for healing in the traditional King's Chamber configuration -- which we naively gave to your peoples [in Egyptian times] only to see its use grossly distorted and our teachings lost. {v. III}