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The Illuminati are a group of secret controllers that until 1989 were the most successful of them all. The Illuminati that I am referring to is the group that evolved directly from the "Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria". The Illuminati in this form were founded by a man named Adam Weishaupt in 1775. This known chapter started in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.

The original Illuminati beliefs evolved from very diverse sources. A knightly order merged with sufi ideas and concepts, during the Crusades, to create the "Knights Templar". The Knights Templar were later disbanded and largely exterminated by the French monarchy. The break-up of the Templar's resulted in the creation of many of the masonic and other european secret societies. Some of the surviving Templar's learned the rituals and methods of an egyptian hermetic order known as the "Illuminates of Ra". These Templar's took the name the "Illuminati". The Illuminati continued to evolve. They merged with a group of tantric yoga practitioners gleaning mind/body meditation and exercises. The Illuminati absorbed the methods and concepts of the "Assassins", a moslem cult, as well as various christian gnosist religions. This is the point at which Adam Weishaupt organized the Illuminati into the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.

Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati set out to recruit suitable membership for the expanding organization. They started by recruiting 33 masons to join the AISB. They then used these men to infiltrate the masonic organizations to snag promising initiates. They then recruited among the upper middle class civil servants and politicians. They used the politicians and civil servants to infiltrate the government of Bavaria, and beyond. Once recruitment and infiltration were underway the Illuminati started to advance their goals.

The goals of the Illuminati are very misunderstood things. Everyone knows the first goal, world domination, but very few know the others. The goals are world domination, transcendental illumination, immortality, omnicognizance, and omnipotence. The Illuminati set about infiltration of all controlling influences of mankind and slowly bringing themselves absolute control. A side effect of this is the one world government that people are afraid of. Transcendental illumination is freeing your mind of all earthly shackles and limitations. The Illuminati seek to be illuminated and to combine this with astral projection and other psychic abilities. Immortality is never dying, and when you've ruled the world for half a century you don't necessarily what to give it up when you die. There are a number of methods of not dying the Illuminati strive for including mind/energy pattern permanence, alchemeic and magic potions, mind patterns saved on computer/robot, clone brain/mind replacement, cryogenics, and genetic alteration. Omnicognizance is being all knowing. Through illumination and massive psychic powers the Illuminati think they can become all-knowing, in the mean time they use constant surveilence. Omnipotence is being all-powerful, what better way to rule the world is there other than being gods? By combining magic and science in ways alchemists never thought of the Illuminati hope to become as gods.

The Illuminati are currently well on their way to achieving their goals. The current "Supreme Illuminated Council" are all transcendentally illuminated. The Illuminati have a very high degree of control over the world's affairs. Some Illuminati Grand Masters are Immortal, this is very rare. However successful the Illuminati seem they are not completely successful with world domination or they would be visibly active. They are not successful with omnipotence or they would be our gods. They are not successful with omnicognizance or they wouldn't use surveillance.

The Organization of the Illuminati

The organization of the Illuminati is as follows. There are five members of the Supreme Illuminated Council and each of these are in charge of five more each. This thirty makes up the Illuminati Grand Council, in Adam Weishaupt's time it was thirty-one because he was in charge of the Supreme Illuminated Council. Beyond this you are not cleared to know.