Judaism and Zionism

They aren´t the same
By: Alan Stang
Published originally at EtherZone.com (http://www.etherzone.com)

Judaism is the body of belief set forth in the Old Testament written by Moses and the prophets. Zionism is a modern political movement, the purpose of which was and is to create and maintain a national home, a separate country, for the Jews. Notice first that these two isms have dramatically different ideas about the target of their attention: the Jew. Judaism says he is a believer; Zionism says he is a member of a race.

Everyone agrees that Judaism is a religion. Even Zionists agree. A religion consists of certain things its adherents believe about the supernatural, about God and how to worship Him. If you believe those things, you believe in that religion. You are a member, a practitioner, a believer. If you believe in certain things about God and how to worship Him, you are a Roman Catholic, a Methodist, a Muslim, a Hindu - or you are a Jew.

You can start out as something else and you can convert, if your beliefs change. In this country, especially, that happens all the time. Protestants become Catholics and vice versa. Jews become one or the other. Christians become Muslims. Muslims become Christians. Christians become Jews. I know a man, a scientist, who started out as a Christian in California. He has since become not just a Jew, but an orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, wears the long beard and curls, and is indistinguishable from his fellow orthodox believers.

"In the beginning," God chose a tribe to be His people. "Tribe" is probably a better word for the purpose than "race," simply because all the people in that area of the world were and still are members of the same race, and even share the same very general ethnicity. God could have picked a people anywhere else in the world. He could have gone to New Guinea or Peru. We don’t know why He went to Mesopotamia, but He did. We don’t know why God does things, except that He does them because they pleasure Him to do. The only thing we know about God is the little bit He tells us in His book.

After a while, God became dissatisfied, decided to change things and walked among us for a time. In the new arrangement, you were one of his people if you believed certain things. You believed those things if God gave you the necessary faith. Because God did it that way, a different group remained who still believed you were one of his people only if you were born into a family that was among the chosen.

Every religion has its backsliders. They sin all week and especially on Sunday, and never go to church. They still are Catholics or Methodists or Baptists or whatever, because, despite their horrific, spiritual condition, they still believe what their particular denomination believes. But because of the way God did it in the beginning, there are still some people, mostly in the United States, who consider themselves Jews, but who don’t believe what Judaism believes, indeed, who don’t believe what any other religion believes. Many of them are atheists.

Why then do they consider themselves Jews? Because they were born into Jewish families. Even more important, in my opinion, because they were raised in Jewish neighborhoods and naturally imbibed the cultural paraphernalia therein. In fact, many such people don’t even call themselves Jews. Other people who are not Jews call them Jews.

Christians believe that God’s people - the saved, the people God gave the faith to believe - are found in every race and nation, not in particular families. In fact, that was one of the main issues the Apostles had to resolve, with regard to things like dietary laws and circumcision.

If you do not believe Jesus is God, you are not a Christian. If you don’t believe in whatever Muslims believe, you are not a Muslim. And if you don’t believe in the God of the Old Testament, you are not a Jew. The term "Jewish Communist" makes as little sense as "Christian Communist," for the obvious reason that a Communist is an atheist who paradoxically worships total government and an atheist cannot be a Jew for the same reason an atheist cannot be a Christian.

Communists and Nazis hate Christians and Jews. The loyalty of a "Jewish Communist" is to Communism not to Judaism, which helps explain why a "Jewish Communist" could work for the Nazis and Communists and try to destroy Jews. For just one example, Reinhard Heydrich, the sodomite Gestapo monster Satan sent in the shape of a man, was at least part Jewish. If someone has even a smidgeon of black blood, we call him black. I don’t know why but we do. Should we therefore call Heydrich a Jew? I am not aware that today’s neo-cons have claimed him.

Most Jews in this country are not Zionists. Most Zionists are not Jews. What? Did you say that most Zionists are not Jews? Yes, Ma’am, that’s what I said. We are told that the Jewish population in the United States is shrinking not growing. One of the most blatant reasons for this is Christian girls. In my book, The Name of the King, I explain why Christian girls are the biggest threat to Judaism since the Inquisition and Hitler.

The Zionists get most of their support from the Christian churches. Many of those churches teach millions of their members that the State of Israel is part of Bible prophecy involving something called the "end times." Israel’s strongest support comes from those churches and there are many more Christians who believe it and support it than there are Jews.

Meanwhile, within Israel, there is conflict between different kinds of Jews. For instance, on the Sabbath, Saturday, some Jews used to jump into their cars and go for a drive. But on the Sabbath a Jew is supposed to walk, so other Jews, in hiding, used to stone the passing automobiles. Are they terrorists?

All of this could help explain neo-con policy in Washington. For many years, that policy has opposed Israel and supported the Arabs. Remember that the Conspiracy for World Government created Israel in the first place, via the Communist United Nations. Because the conspirators are spiritual communists, their favorite technique is dialectical materialism. They love division, which allows them to advance by playing one side of a dispute against the other. They routinely "solve" a problem by partitioning a country.

Since they created the State of Israel, they have always been against it. Typically, they have used it for conspiratorial purposes. What? Aren’t the "neo-cons" Jews? How could they be opposed to Israel? Look at the record. For years, haven’t they restrained Israel when it was about to wipe out the Communist terrorists in the area?

Some years back, Israel had Arafat & Co. surrounded in Beirut. Israel could easily have finished him off. Arafat of course is a Soviet clone. There is literally nothing else to Yassir but the fact that the Soviets created him and have financed, equipped, protected him, and on and on, ever since. But the U.S. government intervened, saved the little Communist puke and even evacuated him and his men to protect him from the Israelis.

Question: Could Arafat & Co. be there five minutes after George Bush, Traitor, picks up the telephone and says he wants him removed? You’re kidding, right? Five minutes later, he would be working as a men’s room attendant in a Cairo flophouse, if he were alive at all, after a unit of Navy SEALS commanded by Demi Moore or maybe by Janet Reno pay him a visit.

And the incident in Beirut was by no means an aberration. Over the years, in all the wars and incidents, Washington has always ordered Israel to pull back, to stand down, to evacuate, etc. Washington is doing so right now. Why does Israel obey? One reason is the foreign aid, billions a year, including all that military equipment. Another is certainly that, as in the United States, Israel is now controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Marxist headquarters of the Conspiracy for World Government.

If you take the king’s shilling, you must dance the king’s tune. Israel would no doubt be better off if it stopped taking the king’s shilling and started acting only in its own national interest. Notice that Washington invokes one policy when terrorism hits its own people, but it imposes a quite different policy when the same terrorists hit Israel. Without Washington’s "help," and without its CFR regime, Israel could exterminate the Communist terrorists who threaten it, and extermination is the only humane solution.

Such a policy would also be immensely beneficial to the United States. Again, Israel is not an American state or territory. It is not part of this country. It is as foreign to Washington’s jurisdiction as Papua New Guinea. The trouble in the area, however horrendous, is not our fault and none of our business. Our intervention there is suicidal madness and probably illegal.

Now comes the latest proposal, in which U.S. troops would be put between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I cannot believe anyone could propose such a treasonous prescription for disaster who is not either insane or a traitor himself. In comparison, it makes the recent fraud in Iraq look like an example of judicious American policy. It is certainly the work of Zionists; just as certainly, it isn’t the work of Jews.

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