What about Time Travel?

From: http://www.stargods.org/TimeTravel.htm

The way one "time travels" is through the hyper space which is called the forth dimension. This is the frequency range of the demons and their habitation. Breaking the dimension barrier is easy and has been broken. Teleporting also involves going through the hyper space of the 4th dimension. Again you are forced to enter the abode of the demons and fallen angels. There many doctors that will tell you of seeing strange entities from being around electromagnetic scanning and imaging. Apparently the electromagnetic field can punch a hole through to the 4th dimension.

Us humans can only see light and we can only see 10% of all the matter in the universe with our eyes. The rest is "dark matter" which emits NO light frequencies. Therefore demons and the kingdom of Satan are invisible to us.

More and more we are hearing about Quantum Physics and the possibility of time travel. The reason you are seeing more information come out and more time travel documentaries is because the veil that separates us from the spirits will be torn down after the rapture. It will be a time when the unseen kingdom of satan, and the kingdom of man will merge and become one empire under Lucifer. People do not have a clue as to what is coming! Even most Christians remain willfully ignorant.

The governing fallen angels do not need their subjects going into a deep culture shock when the spiritual curtain comes down. For the first time the invisible will become visible! So in order to condition and prepare the public, it has to come forward into the conscience mind of man first. Magazines produce articles while TV pumps out the usual talk shows and documentaries.

In ancient times the fallen angels gave man secret knowledge in exchange for worship and human sacrifices. Now it is done in private through secret societies of Satan. When the antichrist system comes, the masses of people will be given hidden technology to improve their lives in exchange for advanced knowledge and technology. What is done in secret today will be done in the open soon. When the Beast comes he will not tempt mankind to to worship him, he will demand it! He will enforce a mark on all mankind and those that do not receive it will be tortured and executed.

In the end the fallen will use teleportation to come into our world and the human elite into theirs. Soon the curtain that divides our world and the world of the demons will be pulled wide open for the kingdom of Satan to become all powerfull.