The amazing subconscious mind


Jan 22, 2007

MOST of those who attended my remote viewing session in the Young Presidents’ Organization Convention in December in Phuket, Thailand, were able to perform it with great success.

In a remote viewing session, I taught participants how to project their consciousness or sense of awareness to a distant place that they have never visited or seen before and to describe it accurately.
To their great amazement, almost all of them succeeded in doing so.

Remote viewing or traveling clairvoyance has been extensively and scientifically studied and verified for 20 years at the Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) in Menlo Park, California, by two brilliant scientists with Ph.Ds in physics: Dr. Russell Targ and Dr. Harold Puthoff.

They proved that almost anybody can successfully learn how to perform remote viewing after only a brief explanation or training.

Incredible results

I have modified the scientific protocol developed at SRI and have had a discussion on the subject with Targ himself in the early 1990s. I have, since then, been teaching the technique worldwide for the last 15 years with incredible results.

In my modified version of remote viewing, a class is divided into pairs and the target place is the house of a partner. The remote viewer has never met the person before nor has s/he been to the house. All s/he is allowed to ask is his/her partner’s full name.

I also tell the class to take a good look at each other’s face for a few seconds so that, even if they forget the name, they can at least use the face as their connection to the target place.

In one of the sessions in Phuket, a woman who has never been to Hawaii described in detail her partner’s house in Maui, which was not a typical Hawaiian house. It was completely European in design.

Another participant, for some strange reason, opened the refrigerator of her partner’s house and saw only apples inside. She wondered about that and told her partner who explained that there was a power outage and she wanted to stock her refrigerator with fruits that would not spoil easily.

The partner had taken out all the contents of the fridge, leaving only the apples. She was shocked the other person described accurately her fridge’s contents.

Mind’s ability

In various remote viewing classes I’ve conducted over the years, I am constantly amazed at the things the human mind is capable of knowing without using the senses.

A house that burned down four years before was “seen” and accurately described in detail. A future house that had not even been bought yet was also described with great accuracy.

One time, even a pet dog that died two years earlier was also seen. And, in one remarkable case in Arizona, a man saw the secret four-digit security number code of his partner’s house, known only to her and her husband.

Because of such shocking revelations, many have asked me how the phenomenon can be explained. “How can someone describe so accurately some peculiar detail in a house s/he has never seen before?”

The explanation cannot be accepted by the scientific-minded or hard-nosed scientists. Even doctors Targ and Puthoff were at a loss how to explain it. But they could not ignore the hard evidence they had so painstakingly collected for 20 years.


One possible explanation is we are all connected to all levels of creation through our subconscious minds. Our subconscious can know or be aware of things in the past, present or future. It is a storehouse of information not bound by time or space.

Our consciousness or awareness can be projected anywhere, given a particular target or place to tune in to.

For example, in the early stage of the experiments in remote viewing at SRI International, the subject, a well-known American psychic named Ingo Swann, was given only the coordinates of a place. Swann was able to describe what could be found there. It was verified to be accurate in every detail.

We still have not reached the limits of what our minds can do. In fact, the motto of my institute is: “The mind knows no limits, aside from those it accepts. We are the only ones who have placed limitations on our mind’s capacities because of logic, science, religion and fear of the unknown.

“If we can only eliminate all these factors or limitations from our consciousness, we can perform almost miraculous things with our minds, just like what a remarkable carpenter from Nazareth did over 2,000 years ago—and several others before him. And he once said that, ‘All the works that I have done you can do, and much more than these.’”
But we don’t believe it, do we?

Remote viewing is now being taught for use in military intelligence in certain countries. It has also been adopted for possible use in industrial espionage.

Certain ethical questions on invasion of privacy are bound to crop up. But that is another matter.