Black Holes
Could black holes be portals to other universes?
Exploding black holes rain down on Earth
Cosmological physics
A free study of cosmology
A Two-Time Universe?
Collapsing Universe
Constants Of The Universe ...
Doubt over dark energy?
Energy of Space
Is Universe a Gravastar?
The Picture of Current Cosmology
Proof of our exploding universe
The Universe seems to be older than expected
Was our universe created by design?
Theoreticians ponder why we exist
The Universe As Magic Roundabout
Universe offers 'eternal feast,' cosmologist says
Was There a 'Before' the Big Bang?
Anti-gravity device, patent
The concept of Gravity
Demonstration of transient weak gravitational shil.
Gravitational Anomalies by HTC superconductors
Grasping gravity
Gravity control research
Gravity: strength in weakness
Gravity and light move at the same speed
Gravity theory dispenses with DM
Lab tuned to gravity's 'ripples'
Scientists Study Pioneer Anomalies
Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite
Gravity still stumps scientists
Hyperspace physics
A scientific journey into hyperspace
Forbidden Zones in Hilbert Space
Hyper-Spatial Mechanics
The Theory of Hyperspace
Many-Worlds Theory
Could we detect other Everett-worlds?
Does many-worlds allow free-will?
The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Parallel worlds
What are the alternatives to many-worlds?
What is many-worlds?
Mind-matter problem
The Elusivity of Nature and the Mind-matter problem
Beyond Quantum Theory
The Fundamental Structure of Conscious Mind and Intelligence ( External link
Other subjects
Self-assembling Nano-ice Discovered -- Structure Resembles DNA
Scientists Levitate Small Animals
Giant crystals enjoyed perfection
Sensitive giant probes atomic world
Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything
Antimatter discovery could alter physics
Black holes haunt ghost particle theory
Matter-antimatter molecules?
Dark energy missed 30 years ago
Did the Earth Flip Over in the Past?
Doomsday polar flip takes 7000 years
'Perfect' Liquid
From chaos comes order? Physicists make baffling discovery
Magnetic energy? Perhaps
Nanodust sends tornadoes into a spin
Scientists create new element
New Twist To Old Theory Of Magnetism
The Plasma Universe
Speed Of Light May Not Be Constant
Superconductor Discovery Solves 20-year-old Mystery
The Quantum Physics of Remote Viewing
Variable Physical Laws
Why do we exist? Don't look to the stubborn string theorists
Magnetic gravity trick grows perfect crystals
Nanotechnology pioneers win physics Nobel
Physics Glossary
Parallel universes
Einstein's theory raises possibility of Humans from other universes de-stabilizing Earth into violence
Parallel universes exist - study
Particle physics
Experts home in on 'God particle'
God's great dice game
Electron May Be Split In Two
Math profs link particle actions, human free will
Mystery Particle May Hold Clues To Universe
Neutrinos mystery
Physicists split on lab's experiments mimicking Big Bang
Researchers find quarks like those from Big Bang
Quantum Physics
Dead stars provide Einstein test
Cool clouds turn light to matter
A Unified Field Theory
Beyond the Standar model
The Copenhagen Int. of Quantum Theory
Epistemological Problems in Atomic Physics
Dynamic structure of space
Intro to Quantum Mechanics
Is space-time a lattice?
The History of Quantum Theory
Modern View
Objective and Subjective Reality
Scientists Report First Observation Of An 'Atomic Air Force'
The Structure of the Atom
Super space
The Structure of Quantum Consciousness and Intelligence
The Quantum Dance and Physics of Creation
Quantum Reality #4
Quantum Philosophy
Quantum Self
Quantum Theory timeline
Understanding The Quantum Mechanics Of The Universe
U.S. scientists create new form of matter
Physicists solve sticky problem with levitation
Mirror particles form new matter
Quantum Physics and conciousness
A holotropic mind within
A Holotropic Mind Within A Holographic Universe
A Pure-Consciousness Model of the Universe ( External
Biological utilization of Quantum Nonlocality
Clues To String Theory May Be Visible In Big Bang Aftermath
Conscious Events as Space-Time Selections 
Consciousness and Quantum Measurement
Consciousness, Causality, and Quantum Physics
Decoherence Is Our ...
Experimental Model for Collapse of the Wavefunction
Hindu Philosophy Of The Mind And Consciousness
Is Consciousness a Quantum Phenomenon?
Is It a Particle, a Wave Or Both? Science Team Revisits Nature of Light
On Quantum Mechanics and the Implicate Order
New forces beyond those incorporated in the Standard Model
The Physics of Soul... ( External
The Physics of Collective Consciousness
Quantum physics says goodbye to reality
Science and Religion
Quantum Uncertainity and Morphogenetic Fields
Quantum Ontology and Mind-Matter Synthesis
Spooky subatomic behavior seen on grander scale
String Theory, Universal Mind, and the Paranormal
More Consciousness articles by field...
Supersize elements created in lab
A century later, Einstein's theories inspire advances
Einstein prediction tested
Is Special Relativity Wrong?
Light May Arise From Relativity Violations
Quantum Light Cones
Satellite to test Einstein´s theory
The schemes for time travel
Was Einstein Wrong about Space Travel?
Time travel could be possible ... in the future
'We have broken speed of light'
Physicist defends Einstein's theory and 'speed of gravity' measurement
Space and Time
An Alternative Perspective on Spatial Dimensionality
A Cosmic Coincidence Resurrects the Cyclical Universe
Can Newton's 2nd Law be Violated on Earth?
Into The Eleventh Dimension
The Beginning of Time
...detect a fourth dimension of space
The Myth of the Beginning of Time
Einstein makes extra dimensions toe the line
You Can't Travel Back in Time, Scientists Say
Heisenberg's Mystical Experience?
Quantum Metaphysics 
String theory
Physicists Find Way To 'See' Extra Dimensions
Has string theory tied up better ideas in physics?
Moving Beyond String Theory
New Insights Into Open String Theory
Physics Wars
Physicists Propose Test For String Theory
'Pocket' Of The Universe
String Theorist Explores Dark Energy And Our Unique
String theory is in trouble
String theory is in trouble
Weather phenomena
Noxious Lightning
MSU researchers track ‘killer lightning’

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